Joe Mastropole: Joe Giudice’s Former Business Partner Wants The Giudice’s Locked Up

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Teresa And Joe Giudice Court Appearance

When All About The Tea published a blog analyzing how “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” star, Teresa Giudice, and her husband’s criminal activity affects the everyday man, most readers were shocked to read the extensive list of small businesses and individuals that were stung by the reality couple’s fraud spree. While the lengthy document stuns, it still remains difficult to fathom the sheer number of people that were ultimately harmed, when banks were defrauded, and small businesses weren’t paid.

The latest Giudice ploy to wiggle free from accepting responsibility, is to characteristically heave the guilt on someone else, as evidenced by the malpractice lawsuit the Giudices have filed against their bankruptcy attorney, Jim Kridel, ultimately blaming him for their pending address change. That decision has triggered one of victims to speak out, expressing his disgust with the slammer bound pair.  

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Joe Mastropole, Joe Giudice’s ex-business partner and former pal, was rooked when Joe forged his signature on a mortgage document for a jointly owned property, which resulted in Giudice pocketing a sizable wad of cash. Mastropole vented his frustration to Radar, clearly outraged at the couple’s latest slippery tactic.

 “That’s typical of them, They use their lawyers and accountants [as fall guys].”  He also added “They always blame others for their frauds,”

Mastropole shifted to a more personal tone, venting,

“They’re bull-sh**ters. They’re horrible people. I don’t know how they live with themselves,” 

Mastropole filed a civil suit against Giudice in October 2009, and won a judgement of $260k, with the judge describing Guidice’s behavior as producing a “extraordinary web of lies and misrepresentations”.   While the bankruptcy was denied, and the debt still stands, the process will be a lengthy one, and the long line of businesses waiting to collect leaves Mastropole doubtful that he will ever see what is rightfully owed him.

“I’m out about $400,000 in attorney fees,” he said. “I’ll probably never get my money. I was better off letting them rip me off and not hiring my attorney. I should have just walked away.”

The desperate lawsuit also makes one wonder WHERE in the world is the money coming from to pay a lawyer? Mastropole articulated that point and blasted the shifty couple, while challenging their current legal team.

“Where are they getting the money for that? They should take that money they’re using to sue the lawyer and pay their debts!”   He also remarked,  “The lawyer that they’re using to sue the other lawyer, if it’s not a favorable decision they will probably sue that lawyer also!”

Good point. Anyone representing Team Giudice had better watch their backs. It is apparent that this reality couple will stop at nothing to shift the blame, and squirm free from any responsibilities that cause them discomfort. Ask Joe Mastropole.


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