Cynthia Bailey: “My Heart Went Out to Kenya”

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​Ever since Cynthia Bailey has moved on from her friendship with NeNe Leakes, she is sporting whole new attitude on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”  Gone is the wallflower walking in the shadow of a moose, and it looks like that standing by her newest bestie, Kenya Moore, is throwing her into the line of fire​.  An earlier Housewife showdown, where we watched Cynthia verbally slay Porsha  without blinking an eye, seemed to be the jumping off point for turning a planned day of relaxation for Phaedra into a Cynthia snark fest. Cynthia sounds off in her Bravo blog.

“Kandi invited Phaedra and a couple of the ladies for a spa day. Kandi’s intention for this gathering was to give Phaedra a day of relaxation and a well-deserved break. With that said, I found it odd to be the main topic of conversation. One minute I’m irrelevant, and the next minute I am the focus of the universe.”

Bailey stands up for Kenya’s character, after watching a few of the women not accept Apollo’s confession of guilt, that he lied about an ongoing inappropriate relationship with Moore. Their stubborn attitudes came as no surprise to Cynthia, and she credits Kandi as the only one in the group who did the right thing, by apologizing to Kenya.

“I think that when some of these women have an issue with you (or just don’t like you), they seem to take pleasure in discrediting your character. It is discouraging to see strong, successful women choose to perpetuate a lie rather than admit they could have made a mistake and apologize accordingly. I applaud Kandi for being her own woman and apologizing to Kenya. It takes great strength and courage to stand alone as opposed to jumping on the bandwagon.”

She also shares her view on the Apollo’s confession, and the compassion she feels towards her friend, as Kenya continues to deal with the fallout.

“What did Apollo have to gain by admitting to Kenya that he lied about LA when his confession only discredited and incriminated his own personal character? All things considered it would have been easier for him to stay quiet and let the lie live on. I will never understand why Apollo felt the need to put himself in this position in the first place, however I respect his decision to come clean.”
“My heart went out to Kenya. After having her character assassinated for so long, to finally be vindicated only to have the rug pulled out from underneath her feet was too much for any humane person to bear.  Kenya has the satisfaction of Apollo admitting his truth and apologizing. Much needed peace and closure will come in time.”

It almost feels strange to hear such a solid voice of reason on this show.  I hope that this is just the beginning of a long friendship between Cynthia and Kenya. Cynthia seems to have found her voice, and has stepped out of the shadow for good.  Good for her!


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