EXCLUSIVE: Details on Why Teresa Giudice Is Not Getting Her Own Cooking Show

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A Fabulicious Mother's Day and live recipe demonstration with The Real Housewives of New Jersey Teresa Giudice in Bensalem, PA

One thing that most people in the know would agree on when bantering about “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” star, Teresa Giudice, is that her reputation for being a busy bee is solid. Whether it’s churning out cookbooks or making stomachs churn with cheap wine, showing up for personal appearances, or just chasing after the latest designer duds for Milania, Teresa is always hustlin’.

Teresa Giudice is set to surrender to federal prison in about a month, and one commonly raised question asks, what exactly comes next for a convicted felon who will be out of commission, and absent from her TV gig for a whole year? That’s exactly why people went berserk all over social media, when it was reported that Teresa had inked a lucrative deal with Bravo to host her own cooking show, as well as had solidified a part time Housewife spot, the hour she gets sprung from the pen. An inside source close to Teresa reached out to All About the Tea, and spilled it, calling FOUL on this story, insisting that it is absolutely false.

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Our tipster revealed that a similar deal had been in the works during the months that Teresa was awaiting her sentencing. That tidbit, along with the $2 million figure, which our source confirmed was proposed by Teresa herself, points to this story being presumably planted by the Giudice camp, but in reality, the contract that was being assembled did not include Bravo, and it consisted of much more than a cooking show. Again, Teresa’s looming sentence is the giant chink in the money making armor.

According to our EXCLUSIVE source, a package known as a Special Project Appearance (SPA) global deal was pitched to a network. The global deal consisted of a series of sit down interviews, including pre and post-prison appearances, as well as a cooking show, that would be kicked off after Teresa was set free.

Joe and Teresa’s one-on-one interview with Andy Cohen was a ratings jackpot, which would presumably sell Teresa’s inside story as profitable to the networks. This deal was pitched to a network, with Bravo not being a player in the game. The $2 million figure would be collected over a period of years, and would cover the payment for the whole shebang, not just the cooking show. Any proposed extra projects would be contingent on working effectively under the umbrella of the SPA. It appears likely that there will be before and after incarceration interviews, but that is all that is predictable at this point.

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The bottom line, according to our insider, is that there is NO Bravo ‘Cooking With Felons’ show in the works. The SPA is currently off the table partially because of the scattered upheaval that followed Teresa’s sentencing. The network producers and executives that did review the deal shot it down, largely because Teresa’s post prison mental state is still a giant, and investment risky question mark. A year behind bars is sure to change anyone…even a workhorse like Teresa Giudice.


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