Kenya Moore Checks NeNe: Why Would Apollo Try to Hurt Phaedra?

Posted on Dec 4 2014 - 3:00pm by Avigail

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On a previous episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Apollo Nida aka Prisoner #65725-019, confessed to lying about Kenya Moore making sexual advances on him. Moore was completely vindicated of the accusations and many of Kenya’s costars expressed regret over believing Apollo LIES. However, despite Apollo admitting he made the whole story up, Kenya’s arch nemesis, Nene Leakes refused to vindicate her.

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NeNe Leakes used the situation to throw shade at Kenya and accuse Apollo of “lying about lying” to hurt his wife, Phaedra Parks. At a spa day with the girls Leakes blabbed:

“I don’t believe Apollo,” she said in response to Nida’s admission that he lied about Moore wanting to have sex with him.

“So he’s lying about lying?” asked a confuddled Kandi, who stated that the wives simply didn’t like Moore. “NeNe has swept into town … spa day has become a conspiracy therapy party.”

Kenya took to her Bravo blog to give an in depth breakdown of “Why Would Apollo Try to Hurt Phaedra?”

When Phaedra Parks learned of Apollo’s admission of his lies, she immediately said she owes me an apology. Yet, after her spa day, NeNe asserted that Apollo’s lie was a lie citing that Apollo is likely trying to hurt Phaedra. This rationale makes no sense. Firstly, I am the last person to attempt to understand how Apollo’s mind works. But if I were going to prison for 8 years and my only lifeline is my wife, why would I try to hurt her? Phaedra has his sons, who he desperately wants to see. She is also responsible for his affairs and she can make his life more comfortable while incarcerated. Therefore, she holds all the cards. In my opinion, his wife would be the last person he would try to hurt now.
According to Apollo, he was embarrassed that I told the world he had been texting me without his wife’s knowledge or approval. He felt I took a blow at him insinuating there was something sexual or inappropriate with his texts. According to him, he made the story up to get back at me — NOT Phaedra. Funny how I was at the top of her to-do list when she told the world Apollo’s lies and called me countless whores, but now that Apollo has come clean, I’m at the bottom.
NeNe would like you all to believe I am not a truthful person. She made it a point to tell the world she believed my Season 5 boyfriend when he said I made up the relationship. No one questioned why he would say what he did. They chose to believe him without any substantiation of his claims whatsoever. With that said, my family and my real friends knew of our status and Kandi even reluctantly admitted that she believed we were in a relationship that went bad. Point being, it wasn’t a lie.
NeNe also said my African Prince, whom she met in LA and joked about meeting in a scene, was a fairytale. She did however met him in Los Angeles and was very rude and nasty to him — no surprises there. But according to her, I’m not truthful.
Apollo stated he saw me at a party in LA and then I showed up at his hotel. If I had been at a party, why didn’t ANYONE see us there? Why couldn’t he name the party or location or even a date this took place? If I were at a world famous hotel in LA or a swanky party, someone would have seen us there and taken photos. Additionally, there are no phone calls nor text messages between us at all during that alleged time. Why? BECAUSE IT WAS ALL A LIE.
Unfortunately, the women on this show have tried to paint me as a crazy, drunken, delusional, wanton hussy and liar, none of which I am. What I am is a woman who has made mistakes and will continue to do so as I grow. What I am is a woman who doesn’t want to hurt families or break up happy homes.  What I am is someone who is strong. What I am is a woman who will continue to be an eternal optimist and pray for those who try to harm me. What I am is not a victim. What I am is human.
On a truly sad note, I just learned of the unfortunate passing of Todd’s mother, Sharon. She was always so vibrant and sweet to me. I am praying that Kandi, Todd, and their family get through this difficult time as one and may god bless her soul.



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  • italiano bambino

    Kenya needs to move forward and do her thing interact with the other woman since is part of the contract. She should just not expect a REAL apology from the other woman (fakedra, boObsha and the Moose) because that wont EVER HAPPEN! .

    • equinox2009

      Those vile vicious pack of cows would NEVER EVER admit they were wrong! Just look at each one, follow the leader!

  • Shelly Jones

    When I read the title of this post, I rolled my eyes and let out an exasperating sigh…but…after reading it, it was not a bad blog. I just wish someone would be the better person and stop going back and forth and “calling each other out” in their blogs and the like. I’m over it really.

  • Susan Toby-Emmanuel

    Kenya, I believed you from the start. you are the star so keep shinning love.

  • Susan Toby-Emmanuel

    looks to me like the only Liars here of course are Apollo, Phaedra and Nene Leakes.

  • linda

    Enough is enough Kenya! !! You need to concentrate on your different projects.
    You walked around 2 years without an apology. You are not innocent. Try putting your mind on your hair line or the movie Life twirls on. You keep too much drama shit on your mind. I’m not a fan.

    • murlut

      I think she and Apollo were involved, why all the texts and flirting if not. Kenya-guilty

  • darealrealnigganigga

    It could only take someone as nasty and vile to make someone like Kenya look better by comparison. Oddly enough, it’s working.

  • CoolBreeze14

    Everything Kenya said made sense. Team ugly is desperate for a storyline. That’s why they keep holding on to this Apollo crap. I’ll be glad when we move on from this. So tired of it. At least Kenya has allies this season. ☺

  • murlut

    Apollo wants to hurt Phaedra, he is afraid she will divorce him and take everything she has worked for. He is a liar and scam artist. My problem with Kenya is if nothing happened why all the flirting, text messages and wanting to out and out rub it in Phaedra’s face? Sorry Kenya, I think you and Apollo were involved. You didn’t even have to pay him like you did Walter

    • Guest

      I don’t think they did anything but flirt shamelessly, that would get under the other partner skin. I never believe they met up anywhere, I could tell he was lying. Kenya just needs to more on.. Too much bad blood between the two women.. Fhedra have bigger headaches than kenya to worry about.., they should all move ahead, but they are on a reality show.. Js

      • murlut

        Don’t care. You don’t flirt with a married man. She is DESPARATE and even paid someone to pretend to care. She is getting old, she has never had a husband, (like anyone even the paid one wanted her), she is too old to have kids and she is down right nasty and negative all the time. Can you imagine being around that all the time. KARMA

    • Norrth

      Kandi read their text messages and didn’t see any flirting. Apollo seemed to be trying to swing his own production deal.

      • murlut

        She flirted with him on the show, in the pool when he picked her up and threw her in, she flirted with him in the underground pool wanting him to look at her body and her butt. She is guilty You don’t flirt with a married man unless you are DESPERATE and according to Walter, she is

        • Norrth

          As Claudia pointed out, Nene flirted with Peter and no one took it seriously. I think Claudia is right that a different standard is applied to Kenya because Kenya is a beautiful woman. Nene spent more time around Peter than Kenya spent around Apollo. In the “underground pool” Kenya was not speaking to Apollo. She did not flirt with him, but she still seems to be held responsible for Apollo grabbing her and flirting with her in front of his wife.

  • TartLemon

    Apollo’s in PRISON. Phaedra has filed for divorce. Kenya needs a new storyline besides their marriage which isn’t anymore.

  • Norrth

    You have to be pretty classless to spread a LIE about a woman, claim she tried to give your husband fellatio and then not apologize when you learn differently. It makes me think that Phaedra went into the marriage knowing Apollo was a criminal and didn’t care. She doesn’t change her mind, it seems, even in light of evidence that what she originally believed or knew was wrong.