Fraud Alert: Teresa Giudice Suing Her Bankruptcy Lawyer; Claims He’s The Reason She’s Going To The Pokey

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According to a new report, fallen reality star, Teresa Giudice, has filed a malpractice lawsuit against her former bankruptcy attorney. 

The “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” star blames her former attorney, Jim Kridel, for  mucking up her bankruptcy filing documents. The grounds for her suit claim he was sloppy for failing to lists key assets such as her cars, her rental property income and various bank accounts. And as a result of his supposed negligence Teresa’s bankruptcy petition was flagged for fraud and consequently led to her 15-month prison sentence. She’s asking for $5 million in her malpractice suit.

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Teresa and her hubby, Joe Giudice tried to get all of their debt forgiven by filing a $11 million bankruptcy in 2009. THEIR decision (not the lawyers) triggered a fraud investigation by the bankruptcy court, which kept their staggering $11 million debt in limbo as the bankruptcy court worked in conjunction with the feds, to uncover the the truth. A plethora of illegal activity was discovered, which led to Joe and Teresa being indicted and convicted for numerous counts of fraud.

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Instead of wasting money on another lawsuit, the prison-bound diva needs to have her head examined. Let’s call a spade a spade or in this case, a sociopath a sociopath. This latest action proves that Teresa Giudice is not trying to hide her insanity anymore!

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