Breaking News: Mama Joyce Speaks! She Will NOT Attend Miss Sharon’s Funeral & She’s Sorry For Her Ratchet Behavior

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As we reported, star of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” Todd Tucker’s mom, Miss Sharon passed away on Tuesday.

Many fans of the show expressed condolences and many also addressed Miss Sharon’s and Mama Joyce ongoing feuding. Fans conveyed their concern over Mama Joyce’s toxic behavior towards Todd and his mother and hoped Mama Joyce would show remorse for ratchet behavior.

Last season, Mama Joyce went out of her way to shamelessly label her son-in-law, a gold digging opportunist and said his mom, Miss Sharon, was a prostitute and Todd’s dad was a pimp (false accusations).

Joyce spoke to TMZ and expressed regrets for her vile behavior and attacks on Miss Sharon. She also clarified that she will NOT be in attendance at Miss Sharon’s funeral out of respect for the Tucker family and their friends. In lieu of attending she’ll send flowers. Thank God!


In the most shocking turn of events, MJ said she wants to work on better relationship with Todd. I wonder how long this remorseful sentiment will last? Miss Sharon completed filming scenes for the current season. In the footage, Kandi makes some flippant remarks to mother-in-law.

We sincerely hope Bravo use intelligent judgement and pull those scenes from the current season. 


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