Nene Leakes & Kim Zolciak To Appear On Watch What Happens Live

Posted on Dec 2 2014 - 4:25pm by BeachSpin


Bravo has announced that NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak will reunite to discuss their recovering friendship in an interview with Andy Cohen, on Watch What Happens Live, airing December 7th. During their years on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, their friendship was a perpetual dramatic roller coaster, but apparently they have decided to act like grown ups and be pals again. The change of heart seemed to be triggered when Kim made an appearance at NeNe’s wedding, which seemingly began a tearful reconciliation.

 “We’ve been through so much,” NeNe said. “I was so happy… I was so proud of Kim for showing up and being there for me. It was amazing. It felt really good and it felt right.”

Ironically, it was on an earlier episode of WWHL where one of the deadliest friendship killing blows was dealt, when Kim called in during an interview with NeNe to address their ongoing feud. NeNe lashed back with the now famous zinger, “Close your legs to married men!,” which was directed at Kim’s alleged long time affair with a married sugar daddy, known only as Big Poppa. Kim is now married, with about a dozen children, and NeNe fills her days crowing about her resume, so maybe their days are just too busy to keep the bad blood flowing. My guess is that not working together and probably never seeing each other, is the key to their new found harmony. Those friendships are always the easiest!


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  • She Stinks!

    Of course they are going to make nice! When the Bravo audience gets sick of both of them, which will be soon, they’ll do a road reality show on the Oxygen Network.

    • hardtimz

      HERE here…seriously!

      • Hey Hardtimz!!!! How have you been?

        This is Suess.

        • hardtimz

          Hi Doc how ya been? I really don’t have the down time that I use to…so I get in where I can.

    • Trippinhhard

      And your name says it all they stink both of the are disgusting—Kim only redeeming quality is her cute kids. Nene I’ll get back to you on that one but Nene have some of the best talking head one liners, is out of the box..

      • hardtimz

        Sho nuff. Best one “Close ya legs to married men”….true CLASSIC!

        • Trippinhhard

          I thought I would die when NayNay said child we’ll take 10lbs anyway we get it “if your husband going to prison” cause you to lose weight–we’ll take it. Haha

          • hardtimz

            Trippinhard I absolutely love love your screen name. I thought she couldn’t top those two. But last week Telling Claudia that she’s “f” so much that bleep bleep done left her body……damn….now that is a good one!

          • Trippinhhard

            I thought I would die, that was too much, that read was too low for even Nene to say..
            She went too far, but you could heat a pin drop on a cushion, it was so quiet..

          • hardtimz

            And she said it with such ease, like she was telling Claudia to go take a hike. But those nut signed up for that crap, and they’ll gone as far as the fans will allow! Swore to the high heaven I was not watching, but my friend sent me the clip..yikes! They’ve left a bitter taste in mouth…I must be getting to old for that stuff:(? Still a good one..I wouldn’t use it!

          • Trippinhhard


  • hardtimz

    Yea I don’t really care to see those two profess their love for one another…enough of that damn BLONDE CLYDESDALE and Wig…they both can beat it!!!

  • Nene and Kim faking friendship for the cameras….no thanks! They know they can’t stand each other.

    • hardtimz

      LOL okay, they both can a friggin HIKE!

  • Trippinhhard

    That’s all fake —the first time one say the wrong thing, the other will jump on that. They must need each other for something.

  • CoolBreeze14

    Not interested! I’ll be sure to change the channel or stop my DVR from recording at 9:00 pm b/c I know Bravo has been attaching these WWHL episodes to RHOA for ratings. I don’t understand why Bravo thinks ALL of the viewers care that much. Kim has been off this show two years and it’s obvious her husband can’t stand that group so why care what her and her new fake friendship with Nene is all about? They are just going to sit there and trash Kenya, Cynthia, and probably Claudia too. Then Kim is going to shade Kandi. It’s funny how she’s team Nene now but when she was not on good terms with Nene she was giving Kenya props. Lame.

  • Jennymckitty

    I am in the minority here. Kim & Nene were once really close friends. I think Kim’s success on Don’t be Tardy made Nene see green and destroyed their friendship. Now that Nene sees herself as a successful actress and isn’t competing with Kim, I think they have rekindled their friendship. I like them together. It will be interesting to see if Nene is able to let down her guard and have fun in this setting. I used to really enjoy her. It would be nice if the old Nene shows up and has fun.

  • brasserie

    Two peas in a pair of pantyhose. How can you tell one from the other? Two flashy, uneducated, loud-mouthed discount divas.

    • RonnieIsBack


  • Cinnamon

    Kim had affair with a married man not alleged. Kim became popular by being with nene showing up to cast call with nene the show was not looking for a white as andy confirm but she attached herself for selfish reasons then attached and stole from kandi for her music she done nothing on her own she whored with a married man that supported her lifestyle so guess she is a THOT lik porsche been called on this blog comments. She also had sex with a famous woman DJ just to get her music played and that DJ put that info out there when she found kim true self Her daughters even stated on andy show she lays around all day on couch smoking She s a reborn THOT I guess now thats she s found a dumb younger athlete to marry then have babies then get fertility drug thing on purpose to have twins then pretend its natural no its not twins are hereditary

  • Cinnamon

    Nene need not and is not jealous of kim nene is how kim got on rhoa it was said and confirmed on the last reunion kim was on and her show was not popular when nene got the call for the show she brought kim along and she acted up for the camera and kept sticking her head in all nene camera shot. Nene brought in the other ladies she was asked does she know anyone else. Typical for a white female to insert attach herself then steal like she did to kandi that why you hear no more music because kandi was the executive producer and has the rights and she stop kim from releasing that last song because what kim did on kandi 1st song she did for kim went behind kandi back trying to cut side deals with kandi Producer on the song shady whitebiatch cant trust em…….how quickly they forget lol

    • El starr

      Oh yes I remember all this now lol lol kim even moved in that 1st mansion that she claimed was hers and it belong to the black pretty lady and she even came on the show but it didnt come out later that kim was renting from her kim had to admit because it came out in the blogs that she was getting evicted yes the lady and her husband had to evict her another black lady she pilfered off of typical..She would not be known if it was not for the sistas her talent was keeping her legs open. She was never a friend to any of them kim had a hidden agenda She has been lying since first season

      • el starr

        Oh let not forget her own parents do not speak with her and came out to say shes vile and been that way and would do anything for money. You know you are the biggest THOT (that ho over there) ever when your own elderly parents says it out of their own mouths (TMZ) I would not be watching WWHL that episode just lik i never watched kim own show and RHOA been much better and cleaner without her anyone realize the white women was the only uneducated and whoring with married man unmarried with different baby daddies she is so GHETTO (yes ghetto has nothing do with race )also without career…. when kim was onboard she was the only whore funny how that s never been pointed out. That is why she was always cracking jokes. If it had been the other way round everyone would have notice

      • Susie Whats Her Name

        lol Another kid posting. Read what you posted.

    • Susie Whats Her Name

      Read what you just posted. Sounds like a grammar school kid.

  • RonnieIsBack

    I’m so sick of the whorey bookends…
    Two bishes who made some extra cash being loud and ignorant….
    Kim snagged a big dumb jock and spit out a ton of babies while smoking Cigs N wearing Wigs
    Nene is finally paying Greg back and giving him his $300,000 which put her on RHOA and for rescuing her off the pole and dumping his wife for her.
    I can’t with these two…Self-Important cows…
    Yeah I said it…