EXCLUSIVE: Trashy Diva Alert! Brandi Glanville’s Extreme Demands Are Killing Her Career

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Brandi Glanville - RHOBH

“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” has kicked off, and as we catch up with some familiar characters, and meet a couple of new ones, one thing is already obviously unchanged, namely Brandi Glanville’s uninterrupted, personally stunted persona. While she babbles about getting rid of the negative, inviting the positive, mending fences, and absorbing Yolanda’s perceived fabulousness, her on camera behavior tells a different story. Her rambling commentaries are peppered with nasty, jealousy laced comments towards Lisa Vanderpump, her boyfriend has run for the hills, King David cringes whenever she visits his palace, unbalanced Kim is the only one who will be seen with her (a disguise helps), and her constant yakking about her anxiety and uncontrollable mouth oozes an  obnoxious, self absorbed focus. Her classless antics turned off many viewers long ago, leaving most assuming that Bravo has kept her on simply for trashy controversy. 

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Apparently, her entitled, tawdry housewife routine is wearing thin with the bigwigs in Hollywood, and that includes the Powers That Be at Bravo. An inside source tells All About The Tea, that Brandi is taking her train wreck popularity and using it to elevate herself to prima donna status, and evidently, keeping a hot mess happy is becoming annoying. I am not sure if Brandi actually thinks that she has true admiring fans, or that her personal standards are just so low, that gaping rubberneckers are good enough, as long as they shell out the cash to gawk at the ongoing wreckage that this Housewife seems to have settled into, and rather comfortably, I might add.

Our inside tipster explains that Brandi’s insufferable nature is wearing thin, and she is repelling Hollywood insiders with her diva demands.  

“Hollywood is done with Brandi. She has pissed everyone off to a point of no return and there will be no return. The people she surrounds herself with are impossible. She has demands as if she’s Mariah Carey and nobody wants to interview her anymore bc she’s so difficult.” The source added, “Julia Roberts doesn’t have a rider as long as yours [Brandi]…get out!” 

A little research uncovered that Mariah Carey reportedly requires chilled Cristal, two dozen white roses, and dark colored couches in her dressing room.  I wish I could lay my hands on Brandi’s rider and share with you exactly all that she is demanding, because I’m sure that it would bring quite a laugh. My guess is that the list includes a daily delivered 23 year old stud with chiseled abs….and perhaps a British tea service…complete with crumpets! Maybe a few diamonds to polish? What are your guesses? 

Mariah Carey


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