EXCLUSIVE: Teresa Giudice’s Bravo Paycheck Garnished By Creditor

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There is one question that surfaces over and over, whenever banter is raised about the extensive list of banks, corporations, small businesses, and even individuals that “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star, Teresa Giudice, and her husband Joe are indebted to.

HOW in the world are these swindled victims ever going to recoup what was essentially pilfered from them? Basically, the Guidice couple tried to get all of their debt forgiven by filing for a $11 million bankruptcy in 2009. That decision triggered a fraud investigation, which kept the huge stack of bills floating in limbo as the bankruptcy court worked in conjunction with the feds, to uncover the the truth. A plethora of illegal activity was discovered, which led to Joe and Teresa being indicted and convicted for numerous counts of fraud.

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They are currently awaiting dual federal prison stints, with Teresa reporting first, on January 5th. Because of the fraud discovery, the bankruptcy was denied, and the debt was plunked squarely back onto Joe and Teresa’s deserving shoulders.

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It’s time to get in line to collect from the Giudices, and that queue is a lengthy one. One business that wisely jumped to collect early, is Alliance Laundry Systems. They were the only company to take the Giudices to court prior to the bankruptcy filing, and went on to win a judgement that ordered Teresa’s paychecks to be garnished. The couple sought to get the judgement dismissed, by including Alliance in their bankruptcy filing, but ultimately their desperate tactic failed. The laundry company was originally owed $352k, and 10% of Teresa’s paychecks goes directly to them, with the ultimate goal of settling the gluttonous Giudice debt. Teresa earned $700k plus bonuses from Bravo for her most recently completed season of “Housewives.”

Evidently Teresa doesn’t share my enthusiastic YAY! for a small victory won by a ripped off business. A source close to the reality star, reached out to All About The Tea and spilled that Teresa is peeved about the ongoing withdrawal from her earnings, and makes no secret of the fact that she doesn’t share the court’s view that the repayment plan is justified.

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This attitude reveals far more than the mild annoyance that many Americans experience while cashing their government tax garnished paychecks. Apparently, Giudice doesn’t fully comprehend that these deductions are paying back a business for STOLEN services.  Teresa needs to lose the attitude, and muster up some virtuous acceptance, because this is just the beginning of the garnishing bonanza that looms in she and Joe’s future. The question that asks how these fleeced casualties will ever be compensated, is slowly being answered, and whether Teresa likes it or not, the obvious response is more than fair.


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