Teresa Giudice Sells Herself to Judge as Community Servant but NO Thanksgiving Service Reveals the Truth

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Judge Salas and Tre

The Thanksgiving turkeys have been carved and devoured, Black Friday sales have been hit, and even the leftovers are beginning to dwindle. It was likely an extra precious family event for Real Housewives of New Jersey,” star, Teresa Giudice, due to the fact that she will be spending next Thanksgiving in a federal prison, where finding reasons to be thankful will probably be a struggle. It’s the season for sharing our bounty with the less fortunate, and late November is the perfect hour for celebrities to wave ladles around and mug for the camera, posing for photos to plaster all over social media. Overfed tummies trigger social consciousness, raise awareness for the hungry, and mingling with the everyday man, down on his luck, allows for some pretty fab photo ops.

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Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are littered with Bravolebrities flaunting their compassion, extended to those less fortunate….it’s pretty hip to serve others, after all. It’s a win win.

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One quasi celebrity who hasn’t been posting Twitter pics with the impoverished, or hanging out in the local soup kitchen is Teresa Giudice. No big deal, right? For most people no, but for Giudice it’s a different story, because Teresa has worked overtime to portray herself as a charitable workhorse who is constantly serving her fellow man.  She considers herself such a generous giver, that her lawyer actually referenced this character trait in a letter sent to the court in October, requesting a generous chunk of her fifteen month sentence to be served in a halfway house. This would allow Teresa the ability to rush back and serve her eagerly awaiting stomping ground. So why no neighborhood service on what could be considered the coolest and most relevant day in any local shelter, or soup kitchen?

Teresa Giudice in Prison

Apparently Teresa wasn’t feeling so society minded this year, or maybe this entire bighearted persona has been a facade from the beginning. She might want to get her philanthropic butt in gear, because if she wants to set herself up for an probation consideration, her walk had better match her talk. She can count on the judge examining this professed humanitarian lifestyle, and discerning fact from fiction, when the time comes to decide upon the timing and terms of Teresa’s probation. Teresa could have killed two birds with one ladle this year….by backing up the goodwill chatter, while spending the valuable family time teaching her girls the same mindset that she supposedly considers such an important priority in her life.  It could have been a win win.


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