EXCLUSIVE: Teresa Giudice Desperately Trying To Get Doctors To Declare Her Mentally Unfit To Delay Prison Stint

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“The Real Housewives of New Jersey” star, Teresa Giudice, is set to report to federal prison on January 5, 2015, but it appears that rather than spending the generously granted interim time, hugging her four daughters, Teresa is desperately scheming to postpone her prison time any way she can.

A ROCK SOLID source has reported EXCLUSIVELY to All About The Tea, that Teresa is allegedly concocting a plan to serve her 15-month prison sentence after her husband, Joe Giudice, not before, as earlier ordered by Judge Salas.

How does she plan to pull this off? According to our ROCK SOLID tipster, she is seeking to prove that she is mentally unstable, and wants to use the extensive array of pills that she’s popping as proof.  Purportedly, Teresa has held prescriptions for several anti-anxiety medications for good while now, and utilizes various doctors and several different pharmacies in three neighboring  towns to keep her meds flowing. According to our source, she has been recently seen canvassing these establishments, asking for professional pharmaceutical lists of her ongoing prescriptions, with the hope of building her case of being too mentally unstable to manage the oncoming, slammer induced stress.

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She presumably plans to present these lists to a doctor, hoping for a medical recommendation that would be presented to Judge Salas for consideration, prior to her surrender day. Our informant also shared that Teresa is preparing to present the idea to a lawyer, who told her that it was a very long  shot, but that Giudice is apparently desperate enough to fork over thousands to this attorney to give it a whirl.

Tre on drugs RHONJ

All About The Tea has reached out to a medical expert with the reported scenario, and we’re told that this scheme has a twist that has probably been overlooked by Teresa. Evidently, the level of instability Teresa is trying to sell to the judge has a surprise ending….one that does not send Teresa back to her daughters in their comfy cozy home, waving good bye to a sloshed husband and father. If the judge actually entertains this carefully executed tantrum, it is safe to assume that Teresa’s butt will likely be headed to the local mental ward. It certainly makes sense to not send a drug addicted, emotional wreck back to parent four children, without the obviously warranted evaluation and treatment.

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If this works, the plan would result in Joe returning to the rough task of parenting almost three teenage daughters. Maybe Teresa is smarter and far more stable than we all think!


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