Kenya Moore Checks NeNe Leakes In Her Blog: “Don’t Insult My Virtue”

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When Apollo Nida came clean and confessed that he is a filthy liar on last week’s episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” many viewers began seeing Kenya Moore in a new light. Moore was completely vindicated of the accusations of a supposed sexual pursuit of Phaedra Park’s ‘clean’, albeit criminal, hubby, leaving many viewers scratching their heads, and reassessing their personal views on Moore. I personally have always liked Kenya, mainly for her epic talking head narrations, and for her ability to slay Housewives with well spoken words, rather than hair yanking, screeching, and waving her finger around like a banshee thug.  Her Bravo blog this week backs me up, as she effectively puts both NeNe and Porsha in their places, with just a few masterfully composed sentences.

Kenya responds succinctly to the snark fest scene between NeNe and Porsha, shown on last night’s episode, by firing back, defending her character.

“I have been respectfully employed since the age of 14, managing to stay off a pole and out of jail. Therefore, for 20 plus years I have been around the block working. NeNe cannot say the same. I will no longer tolerate the thinly veiled insults aimed at my virtue as a woman.” 

She continued to nail NeNe on some past season behavior, that one could easily parallel to the recent scenario between she and Apollo.

“Several seasons ago, NeNe blatantly flirted with Peter and was greatly criticized. However, no one took her seriously because of the way she looks. Clearly, she’s not a threat to anyone’s marriage. Lucky for her.”

That means, Kenya’s pretty threatens, and NeNe’s drag queenish brand of beauty doesn’t. Bloop on THAT, Ms Leakes!

Moore goes on to defend pal, Cynthia Bailey, while throwing a dash of well deserved shade at Porsha, for her jealous and immature observations of a flyer promoting Cynthia’s Ebony Mag event, and her retelling of the evening’s happenings, only learned second hand through Kandi, because she was deliberately left off the guest list.

“I was so proud to see Cynthia’s Ebony magazine spread celebrating a woman’s beauty that is nearly 50 years old. It’s unnerving to hear her tasteful and elegant spread be compared to an Instagram “THOT spread,” an acronym meaning “those hos over there.” There are also constant jabs about age (“mean old lady” etc.) from people who can’t even spell acronym. Cynthia is a self made, successful model who has appeared on countless magazine covers and respectable features. In my honest opinion, Cynthia is the most beautiful of all the cast. With that said, I respect and admire her legacy as a woman. I can’t say the same for those whose business lies between their legs and not their heads.”

There is about a 13 year age gap between Porsha and Cynthia.  Due to the obvious jealousy that oozed from Porsha last night, she WISHES that she was looking as great as Old Lady Bailey does,  gorgeously splashed in her mature glory,  across a major mag’s pages. Cynthia certainly made one hot, spectacled school teacher, when she figuratively slapped Porsha with her trusty ruler during their showdown. After all, ageless wisdom beats stupid thirty-something every time!


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