EXCLUSIVE: Gia Giudice Does Freshman Shadowing At 17k High School

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The hits just keep on coming for Gia Giudice, and due to her commitment to sharing the details of her life frequently on social media, she keeps opening the door for public scrutiny.

Her parents, Joe and Teresa Giudice are heading to federal prison for multiple counts of fraud, and are drowning in debt. So why was young Gia shadowing a freshman student at a private school?

Gia Giudice's tweet

She announced the activity on Twitter, which brought an annoyed bystander to fire off a tweet to her mom, Teresa. Apparently this person had knowledge of the school Gia was exploring, and alleged that the annual tuition is $17k.

Kells Bells Tweet

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This little adventure comes on the heels of Gia’s girl band, 3KT releasing a premiere video that Teresa reportedly shelled out $10K to fund. 

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So will the constant purge of non existent cash, and the ongoing delusions of grandeur ever end?  Something tells me that social media will tell the story, and there are plenty of curious and opinionated people watching.


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