Bravo Halts Filming of RHONJ Until Teresa Giudice Gets Out Of The Slammer

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It looks as though Teresa Giudice may have gotten it right, the show IS all about her. When twin, TerEsssa Aprea called her out for being jealous about a mid season attention shift during The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion, Teresa objected, claiming that she has always been the Queen Of Joisey, reality TV.  It appears that she is onto something, because as CONFIDENTI@L reports, the Bravo franchise remains in limbo, and might park there, until Queen Tre gets sprung from the slammer.

Teresa is set to surrender on January 5th to serve her 15 month sentence for numerous counts of fraud, and it could be the spring of 2016, before the cameras begin rolling again for Giudice. While the other cast members await their fate for Season 7, a network insider insists that it is likely to be a lengthy one.

 “there is zero moving forward anytime soon for ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey.’ If we’re doing a season seven, Teresa will be part of it,” the source says. “We would shoot it when she’s out of jail.”

The network source also asserts that there will be no scenes shot with Giudice prior to her address change, and that they are keeping their hopes high that she will not serve out her full sentence.

“The network has not made any decision on how we’re moving forward with (‘The Real Housewives Of New Jersey’),” the source added. “We have nothing going forward, we have no (footage) in the can, nothing that we’re shooting right now.”

 A rep for Bravo said:

“The network has made no decisions about ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’ as we just finished airing season six.”

I find it quite a stretch that Bravo will be able to resist the juicy drama of the disgraced star shuffling off to the Big House…and an even bigger reach that Teresa would turn down the check.  It would be completely uncharacteristic of Bravo to not jump on the behind the scenes antics…I just don’t believe it.

“The season for ‘Housewives’ is not consistent in the way that the other shows are, like ‘OK, episode one is always Jan. 1’ or whatever,” explained the insider, “ ‘Real Housewives of New York’ missed an entire year before we brought it back. It’s not that we have to do it within a certain amount of time. We do it when we know it’s right and when we want to do it.”

There’s that shady Bravo vagueness that sounds just about right.  Production is just perfecting it’s crouch, and nailing down that ideal timing that will prove to be the most dramalicious and profitable moment to pounce.  Teresa needs to get her best bon voyage, 2015 designer duds in line, because as she well knows, it ALWAYS pays to be camera ready.


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