Gia Giudice Defends Begging Fans To Fund Music Video! Haters Gonna Hate!!

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Gia Giudice is growing up fast, and wants us all to take notice.  As previously reported, she and young teens, Alexa and Christianna, make up the girl group, 3KT, which could be described as sort of a junior Pussycat Dolls knockoff, with an alarming underage edge. The group came under fire recently, for the provocative nature of their first released video, a remake of Britney Spears’ ‘Circus’, with the scant costumes and R rated dance moves raising questions about the common sense judgement of the obviously fame hungry parents involved. The girls see nothing wrong with it (of course), and according to Access Hollywood, don’t understand what the brouhaha is all about.

“We obviously got our parent’s approval. I personally don’t think they were that bad,” Gia told Access of 3KT’s outfits in the video.
“I don’t think they were risque at all,” Alexa said.
Christianna added, “I don’t think so at all.”

Gia Giudice is the member most in the spotlight, with her parents Joe and Teresa recently sentenced to federal prison on numerous counts of bankruptcy fraud and conspiracy.  Gia assures us that her family is strong and will rebound, and are proud of her recent launch into the land of trashy teen entertainment.

“My parents think it’s fun. Like, my mother was there every step of the way. When my dad saw it he was like, ‘Nice Gia, nice.’ He’s like the typical laidback [dad], so it’s good. I just want to make them proud. That’s all that matters,” Gia explained.

Teresa recently had to shell out $400k in court ordered restitution, so with the family funds clearly dwindling, it’s up to Gia to step it up and bring home the bacon.  The group’s latest tactic has been starting an online cash raising campaign, with the goal of raising $7500 to fund their second music video. The girls​ hope to raise excitement and motivate open wallets through their  campaign, and reached out to fans with their mission.

RHONJ Gia Giudice

“3KT loves our fans! We want to give you an awesome original Christmas music video in time for the holiday! Join us!”
“WE LOVE OUR FANS! We are still so overwhelmed by the buzz and support over our first music video cover ‘Circus’ (originally by Britney Spears WHO WE ADORE!). So many of you had amazing words of support for us on our new journey. We were born to perform and entertain, and we are so lucky to be able to do this in such a big way. We want to empower and inspire other young performers to FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS AND NEVER GIVE UP!”

Unfortunately for the adolescent performers, the campaign has been a bust, with only four contributors donating $361.  Teresa was reported to have put out $10k for the first video, and maybe due to the fact that the Giudices are drowning in debt, and the reality of the mounting public disgust that continues to grow with every frivolous decision, it is time for their supposed fan base to foot the bill.  Hopefully the lack of support will shut this hot mess down for good, and Gia can be let off the hook as breadwinner.  Good parents all over America will cheer to see this inappropriate nightmare of a ‘dream’ die.


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