Teresa Giudice Worried About Being Attacked In The Slammer & Wants To Surrender Before Jan 5th

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It’s countdown time for the Giudice family, and as expected, Teresa Giudice is spending every waking moment with her girls, Gia, 13, Gabriella, 10, Milania, 8, and Audriana, 5 before her January 5th court mandated surrender date. Sources tell the Boston Herald that Teresa might check in before this date.

“Teresa can’t stand the anxiety of waiting,” says the family source. “She wants to go after Christmas so she can still be with the kids for the holiday.” Her plans may include turning herself in a few days after Christmas. “She wants to go when the media isn’t expecting her,” continues the source. “She’s hoping to slip in quietly.”
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If her lawyers would have worked a deal where Joe was incarcerated first, and then after his 41 month sentence is complete, Teresa could then do her time, that might have worked out better for the Giudice family. By this time, Gia would be almost 17 years old, able to legally drive, and be a bigger help to her younger sisters. But since this isn’t the “reality show” she now lives in, Teresa is said to be lining up family members “who can supplement Joe’s daddy duty during her absence.”

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In the meantime, a source tells the site, Teresa is afraid of being attacked in prison.” And though we all know she’s great when it comes to flipping tables or pushing a host back into his seat, she’s obviously concerned there’s a giant red and white bulls-eye on her back.


A rep for Teresa has said there is “no truth” to the story that she is taking self-defense classes, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea. No harm should come to her while in prison, but if others single her out, at least Teresa could protect herself.


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