Claws Out: Kenya Moore Versus Sherri Shepherd on Watch What Happens Live

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Last night’s “Watch What Happens Live” was served with an extra ​dash of shade as Andy Cohen sat down to chat with Kenya Moore. 

The Real Housewives of Atlanta” had just aired, with Apollo being revealed as not only a prison bound felon, but also a lying sack of a slanderer, by his admission that he had lied about suggested romantic or sexual involvement with Kenya Moore over the course of the previous season. Kenya looked gorgeous, if you just ignored the side boobage, and made Sherri, look like a stumpy soccer mom in a riding helmet wig. Shepherd, who is about to wrap her role as the wicked stepmother in Broadway’s Cinderella, to make way for NeNe Leakes, seemed snarky from the start, maybe feeling like the dumpy sidekick, instead of the main attraction, who was sitting alongside in the star’s chair, next to Cohen. Andy kicked off the shade fest by asking Kenya about her reaction to Kandi challenging her decision to press charges against Porsha, who assaulted Kenya at the last reunion. Kenya clarified that she didn’t press charges, but did indeed get the police involved.

“I draw the line at violence. We irritate, we provoke, we annoy, but we don’t resort to violence. I think that’s just where I draw the line.”

Sherri was a panel member on The View at the time, and shared that the entire group believed that Kenya provoked Porsha, implying that Moore apparently deserved to be yanked to the ground by her hair.

“You cannot get in a person’s ear with a bullhorn, a bullhorn is loud, and you get in a personal space, it just calls for somebody lashing out.’

Kenya calmly argued that this viewpoint allows an excuse for physical violence, with  Shepherd firing back that irritation shouldn’t be allowed either.  Kenya slayed that point by reminding us that irritation is part of her Bravo contract.  BOOM!!


Cohen then approached the subject of Apollo’s long overdue admission of slander, and his subsequent lame apology for dragging Kenya’s reputation through the mud.  Kenya elaborated about how her reality felt at the time.

“When Apollo said I saw him in LA, offered him a fellatio and all that, and then for Phaedra to repeat that story on national TV and in interviews, it was clearly slander, it maligned my character, and it attacked my virtue as a woman.  I didn’t do that, and I never would. I’m not interested in her husband, and I’m not interested in anybody else’s husband.”

After the months of New Jersey mumbling, this articulation coming from Moore was beyond music to my ears. The Detroit donation debacle with NeNe  was touched on, and Moore restated the obvious, that Leakes welched on an agreement, revealing her true and uncharitable character. She also twisted the knife a little, by correcting Leakes’ pronunciation of ‘statute’, which brought some clenched giggles from Sherri. Kenya also nailed it when she said that NeNe has to be on top, and no one else is allowed to join her there.

The two disagreed again when asked their opinions on the subject of Phaedra abandoning Apollo on the day of his sentencing. Sherri agreed with the decision, with Kenya arguing that standing by her man was Phaedra’s reunion stance, and if her words had integrity, Parks would have backed them up.

The episode continued with a snarky viewer call, and after addressing Kenya as Kendra, went on to accuse her of being a fake show off. Kenya was noticeably annoyed, but patiently responded that she is who she is, the viewer can respond to her however, and basically if you can’t tell a YA from a DRA…GIRL BYE. Sherri rolled her eyes and waved her hands around, obviously aghast that Moore would treat a fan like that…but I say YOU GO GIRL!!  I will say it again...Kenya slayed this interview, and with she and another potential favorite, Claudia Jordan, teaming up…this season is looking interesting!

Kenya Moore & Sherri Shepard


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