Real Housewives of Atlanta Sneak Peek: No More Apologies [Episode 2]

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The ladies and men of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” are back tonight for episode two of season seven and some shocking things are revealed!

Still trying to please her mother, Kandi decides to buy her a new house down the street, but Mama Joyce is up to her old tricks. Meanwhile, Apollo shows up to Ayden’s dentist appointment, which catches Phaedra off guard as the extreme tension between her and Apollo continues. It’s opening night for NeNe in Vegas, and the nerves are starting to kick in. Meanwhile, Cynthia celebrates her new-found sexiness with a fabulous party, purposely leaving some of the ladies off the guest list. While the party is in full swing, Apollo shows up and drops a bomb that leaves everyone but Kenya in disbelief.

The tension is undeniable as Apollo shows up to Ayden’s first dentist appointment.


Todd questions Kandi’s decision to buy a brand new house for her mother.


Kenya sits down with her friend Brandon to talk about her career.


Cynthia Bailey shares how she feels like a new person.


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