Mystery SOLVED: Dina’s Missing ZEN Found in Empty Wallet

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Dina Manzo

There is breaking news of the most tapped out tea to report!! One of the greatest mysteries of this season’s “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” revolves around the burning and unanswered question that asks…WHAT happened to the ZEN that was positioned firmly, via opening tagline, that was supposed to define Dina Manzo?

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A clearance shelf inspired, clutter crammed home, a massively overindulgent shoe closet, and a stubborn, vile attitude towards family members, all reveal NO attitude of peace-loving zen was ever in the Dina picture. Was this a doomed to failure, contrived fakery from the first flash of that tagline? Or did something happen to the ZEN that was simply out of Dina’s control? 

Dina Manzo

Thanks to our crack investigative team here at All About The Tea, the mystery is solved!! The BIG shocker (NOT)….it appears acquiring the ZEN just became too darn pricey for Miss Manzo’s designer wallet. The penniless truth was discovered when All About The Tea uncovered a tweet shared by Dina’s former energist, who made appearances on the first two seasons on the show.

Zen Jen's tweet

So there ya go folks!! Poor Dina just doesn’t have it in her to go it alone…no coach…no ZEN. Where are her priorities?? It would seem to me that it would be WELL worth a sandal sacrifice in exchange for ongoing, decent human training sessions.  Just think of the difference that Zen Jen could have made!!

  • NO implied death wish on Jacqueline via rat poison…just warm wishes for a blissfully frozen face.
  • NO pressure on the cast to freeze out Jacqueline from filming…maybe even a cozy group hug instead.
  • NO unfairly booting the Marchese’s from the cheapskate Florida trip…maybe just a little shrug and an inner head shake at Jim’s rascally silliness.
  • NO hairless, cheshire cat grinning while Amber’s hair was being yanked from her skull…maybe even a tranquil expression of sorrow at the spectacle of world peace being shattered, rather than looking gleefully and diabolically evil.
  • NO spreading dirty gossip and then watching your most vocally treasured girlfriend in the world take the fall….maybe keeping your conscious soul on thoughts of serene purity, and your braying mouth harmoniously hushed.

The frustrating clincher?  November is Rutilated Quartz month!!

Dina Manzo Zen Jen

DARN those pesky financial priorities!! We may never know all that Dina could have been…I for one, have seen enough.


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