Video Proof Wendy Feldman Feeds Teresa Giudice Responses During Interviews – Watch The Video!

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Teresa Giudice & Wendy Feldman​​

The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s” Reunion Hour(s) is morphing into a modern day, Cyrano de Bergerac….with Andy Cohen playing Roxane, Teresa Giudice, the faltering Christian, trying to win Roxane’s heart, and finally, Wendy Feldman, completing this crazy cast of misfits, playing Cyrano, the true poet with the gift of words, perfectly composed to win Roxane’s heart. Okay, okay, while that’s a bit of a lofty and artistic reach for this bunch, there is an increasingly relevant parallel being uncovered, as a new video footage obtained by All About The Tea, puts to rest any doubt that one of the many identities of Wendy Feldman, was to be Teresa’s own personal, media oriented, Cyrano.

It all began yesterday, when All About The Tea revealed how Feldman insinuated, through a tweet, that Teresa was wearing an earpiece and being fed responses throughout the reunion event.

Wendy Tweet

When Andy Cohen was asked to verify All About The Tea’s report, he answered with an emphatic, “no!” disputing our findings which were based on Feldman’s original claim.  Andy was officially miffed!

Andy's tweet

The story seemed to align with Teresa’s half dazed demeanor, and stiffly delivered dialogue.  There were awkward pauses in the exchanges between she and Andy, and while the rumored drugs would answer some of the questions surrounding her performance, this revelation would plunk the final piece in an appearance puzzle that left viewers scratching their heads, wondering what was going on.  An unreleased, behind the scenes video from an interview given to Insider, obtained exclusively by All About the Tea, has laid to rest ANY question as to whether this was a routine practice for Giudice and Feldman.

Was this video taken from the reunion taping? Nope. However, it clearly displays a newly discovered strategy that Feldman used to manipulate Teresa’s image, throughout the prison bound Giudice’s noticeable struggle for believable articulation. Does Andy deny that an earpiece was used during the taping? Yep. However, due to recent media reports, Andy’s credibility memory seems disputable. Radar Online recently produced a copy of a check that was an alleged payment from Bravo, to the Giudice couple, as compensation for the post sentencing interview with Cohen. While Cohen didn’t deny it outright, he vaguely disputed the story, evidently seeking to muddle the facts. 

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The reunion was very likely Teresa’s last appearance as a “Real Housewife.” It is reasonable to believe that if Teresa wants to emerge from the slammer with any chance of reviving her career, as well as keeping her product push alive, this window of opportunity would have been crucial.  If there was ever a time when coaching from Cyrano would be desperately necessary, especially through stress and the alleged haze of pills, this would be it. You make the call.


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