Rumor Control: Is Porsha Williams Getting a Bravo Spin Off?

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If Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reality show gets you excited every time you turn on the TV, then this news will surely get you riled up!

Newly demoted Georgia peach, Porsha Williams, may be starring in her own reality show! According to Porsha Williams, she’s working on a solo television project, spin off if you will, that she will Executive Produce. On a recent episode of Dish Nation, Porsha spoke about her new venture but didn’t reveal the exact agenda surrounding her “show.” Porsha is not a polarizing figure to carry her own show…sass, attitude and drama are required and those traits do not come to mind when I think of Ms. Choo Choo train Porsha Williams.

Seriously is Porsha the type of character that draws millions of viewers each week? I don’t think so! She’s not strong enough to sustain her own show.

Watch a clip below to find out what Porsha revealed.


Now Andy Cohen is speaking out on the matter in the latest episode of “Ask Andy.” Queen Cohen is asked about Porsha’s spinoff rumors and in true Andy Cohen form, the SHADE is flung:

“Not that I’ve heard,” he says. That’s not to say he’s totally opposed to the idea. “Sure, [I’d be interested],” he says. “If she had stuff happening.”

Mr. Cohen’s shade throwing did not stop there, he also weighed in on Brandi Glanville and Kenya Moore’s, appearance on the next season of Celebrity Apprentice.

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It turns out, he knows what both of their fates holds—but he’s not kissing and telling. “I know who went farther [in the competition],” he says, “[and] it didn’t surprise me. How they both did didn’t surprise me.” Watch the video of “Ask Andy” below:


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