EXCLUSIVE: Teresa Giudice Fed Responses Through An Earpiece At The RHONJ Reunion

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It’s finally over…”The Real Housewives of New Jersey” is officially behind us, after the airing of the third part of the reunion Tuesday night. It appeared obvious that Teresa Giudice was off her game, and there has been widespread speculation about what exactly was going on with her. Allegedly, Teresa was under the influence of drugs during the taping, and has been routinely using them as a way of coping with her impending prison sentence.

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It looks like there’s another piece of the puzzle that could speak to the reason for Teresa’s out of it reunion countenance, and that explanation was revealed by her then current legal crisis manager, Wendy Feldman, during last night’s show.

Wendy Tweet

According to Wendy, she implies, Teresa was wearing an earpiece and being fed info….I am guessing maybe the more coherent sentences?  There were several spots where close ups revealed Teresa looking dazed and unfocused, and it appears logical that she was either trying to take direction, or possibly trying to process whether or not she would actually use it.  Trying to manage direction while in an altered state, seems a bit over Teresa’s head, but maybe  feeding her tidbits to build up her image, was the ultimate objective.  Based on Teresa apologizing only to her fans, and not to the victims of her crimes, coaching towards expressed remorse seemed lacking…or possibly Teresa just ignored all of the personal responsibility prompts.  I am sure that the earpiece was implemented to bail her out when things got tough…but it sure didn’t seem to leave the audience with an improved impression of the clearly not so sorry, Teresa Giudice.


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