Victoria Gotti Exposes How MotherF*ckerGate Got On The RHONJ

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Victoria Gotti

The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” finally wraps tonight with the final part of the reunion plunking the cherry on top of a season that has been part snoozy, part scandalous, and part shady. The one glaring morsel of remaining unfinished business is clearing up a little ditty affectionately known as Motherf*ckergate.

We all know by now how this supposed rumor was revealed on the show…with Victoria Gotti sharing the dirty info with Teresa and Amber, Teresa dishing the dirt with Dina, Dina spilling the tea back on the twins, then everyone in New Jersey blaming Teresa for choosing to  confide in someone so drab to begin with. Victoria Gotti appeared on the Wendy Williams Show yesterday, and uncovered how the whole seedy fiasco began. She frightened me a little with her quasi Catwoman ensemble and butt length frayed yellow hair, but I do admit I was interested in what she was going to spill. The key point that Gotti revealed was that this bombshell was absolutely premeditated….lucky for us it dropped just in time to save the most mundane season to date.

“The rumor was basically that Rino had had an affair with his mother-in-law because this is something he said sometime back…it gets discussed way before we shoot this, by the way.  It’s brought to me months an months before this show.  I had heard it from him.”

Rino Aprea was married, separated, and remarried to Teresssa, with the alleged affair supposedly playing a key role in their marital problems. Gotti explained that the pivotal conversation evolved when a post appearance dinner date with Teresa ended up at her house. The telling exchange was instigated, and the rest is Housewives history. She also shared that she was not paid to appear on the show, and later passed a lie detector test, verifying her story.

My guess is that Teresa leaked the dirt to Bravo, and Gotti was hunted down to take part in the big reveal. Gotti’s TV special premiered last night, and her cooperation would have revived public interest, and breathed new life into her outdated and forgotten reality. It was a win win for all involved, except for maybe the key players involved in the scandal. As we leave New Jersey in the dust tonight, let’s hope that some candid truth and closure is kicked up in our tracks.



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