Lies Teresa Giudice Told: Psychiatric Justice

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Our society’s legal system is based on people following the rules yet sociopaths do not believe the rules apply to them. An individual with an antisocial personality disorder will typically not appreciate the distinction between right and wrong, and they will manipulate others without guilt or regret.

Investigators sometimes face an uphill battle when dealing with sociopaths who enjoy committing crimes to get what they want and believe they are smarter than everyone else.

A sociopath’s lack of remorse and inability to truth-tell makes it difficult for the legal system to negotiate with them or collect information to assist in ongoing investigations.  Their self-serving statements can send law enforcement in the wrong direction while endangering innocent people. 

Since sociopaths cannot appreciate risk or loss, any tactic to try and deal with them can be futile.  Sociopaths do not stop until they think they have won. They are delusional and motivated by hate, greed, and a need to control.

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) provides the following specific analytical criteria for sociopaths:

  • Lack of remorse
  • Deceitfulness, as indicated by repeated lying or conning others for personal profit or pleasure
  • Incapable of empathy
  • Has a child’s emotional hypersensitivity
  • Devotion to self-gratification
  • Failure to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behaviors
  • Lack of impulse control
  • Inability to honor financial obligations
  • Egocentric

How many bulleted characteristics above does the RHONJ’s Teresa Giudice embody? There is no doubt Teresa plays with the space that separates fact from fiction.

This past week, All About The Tea and I asked posters to recount the myriad lies Teresa told. @tlcville retorted, “OHHHH it’s just too easy.” @RealBellaJo chimed in, “How long are you planning on making this blog??”

When Teresa argued on the reunion show she “never hit below the belt,” social media went berserk. “Seriously? Was that a joke?” responded @dwyer6328.

Without fail, Teresa Giudice has aimed extreme insults at her fellow cast members. She inferred Jacqueline Laurita’s son’s autism was bad karma and accused her sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, of being a stripper.  She also unconvincingly denied that she conspired with those (Kim DePaola and Penny Drossos) who tried to take Melissa down. 

Sociopaths habitually try to drive a wedge between others, especially those who they are supposedly close to. Hereditary infighting was a chief storyline on RHONJ for several seasons. While Teresa claimed she went to great lengths to mend fences with Joe and Melissa even though “they do not make the same effort,” Teresa’s representations are uncorroborated by the evidence.    

Sociopaths have a grossly inflated view of their own self-worth.  During part three of the reunion that airs tonight, Teresa Giudice told Teresa Aprea she didn’t want the attention focused on her this season.  Nevertheless, when Aprea claimed Victoria Gotti was invited onto the show to make Teresa relevant, Teresa angrily countered, “I wasn’t bringing anything to the show?  was the whole show.” 

Teresa, like any good sociopath, believes she is the center of the universe. “She is so insecure!” noted @mommyof4qtpies.

The most audacious lie Teresa ever told? According to @kirklandmama, it was, “I’m innocent!” Teresa also irrationally thought she was above the law. “She told Jacqueline [Laurita] she was in no danger of going to jail,” tweeted @DebbieJoyce.

“For a moment, I thought about probation,” Judge Esther Salas revealed during sentencing.  However, “the behavior you engaged in greatly offended the court.”  Said behavior included persistent falsehoods and the lack of transparency in the list of assets the Giudices submitted — which cited the value of Teresa’s jewelry collection as $0.

Judge Salas reprimanded Joe and Teresa for their “inconsistencies and omissions” in their financial disclosure paperwork.  She also accused them of purposely dragging out filings to delay sentencing.  In the end, Judge Salas found that the Giudices would say whatever benefitted them in the moment, lying their way through the legal process.

Teresa averred she did not “understand” the part of the plea agreement that could have sent her to jail for 27 months.  She likewise blamed her lawyer for not protecting her. (Sociopaths oftentimes engage in widespread scapegoating because they are faultless in their own minds.)

@TJS1206 and @nygirlallday were buying none of Teresa’s lies, and for good reason.  Court documents show Teresa signed a letter establishing that she comprehended all of the provisions of the plea agreement, including those addressing the charges, sentencing, waiver, forfeiture, and immigration consequences.

Delusions and lies float Teresa’s boat, but her fame ship won’t be coming in anytime soon. In fact, it will sink before it has an opportunity to dock in a safe harbor. Despite being cast on a reality show, Teresa does not live in reality. The most dangerous liars may be the ones who think they are telling the truth. Some more lies told below:

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