Shameful: NeNe Leakes Turns Her Back On The Kids — REFUSES to Donate 20k to Detroit Schools

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The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” premiered last night, and Bravo decided that a double dose of NeNe was just what the viewer needed to start the season off right. NeNe Leakes appeared on “Watch What Happens Live,” and dished on how she relates to the Bravo felons, their often shady counterparts, as well as the sad state of her friendship with the clearly happier, Cynthia Bailey. It was a bit of a dirty trick by Bravo to allow us viewers to think that our eyes and minds were heading into the crucially needed week-long recovery from witnessing NeNe scantily dressed and drag queening it up, only to sock it to us with her current new a la Gretchen Rossi look.  Evidently, NeNe will not be muzzled, and had lots to say to the adoring Andy Cohen.


When asked about how she felt about the apparent desertion of Phaedra Parks from her prison bound hubby, Apollo, NeNe shared that she had been in close contact with Phaedra, and that she felt badly about their plight.

“I had mixed feelings about it,” NeNe said. “I started to try and put myself in that place. I am married, I would want to support my husband in the good, but I can understand how it might have been difficult. I feel like she should have then I feel like, ‘You’re right, you don’t have to go and support him.’ So I don’t know. I just know if it was Gregg… I would be there.” “All I can do is pray for them,” NeNe continued later on in the episode. “Because I know what it’s like to to publicly divorce and publicly going through something. It’s tough… people judge you, so I understand when she says, ‘What about my good name and what about people judging me?’ Because sometimes people only see one side. They don’t get to see the other side of it. I feel bad for her, but I must say, I like Apollo so I feel bad for him to”

She also commented that she offers Phaedra only her very best advice.. Yikes! Leakes also revealed that she has spoken frequently to Bravo sister, Teresa Giudice, since the trauma of facing her new impending normal in the Big House.

“We’ve talked a lot,” NeNe says. “She called me for some help with some other things and I helped her out. We’ve talked, and I feel bad for her as well. I feel like when Teresa calls me she knows she’s going to get real, true advice.”

It appears that NeNe is the go-to drag queen for the wisest and most heartfelt counsel.

“She’s just asking me for help and what I think about certain things. I don’t really want to put her business out there, but I want to be able to say this… Teresa from the day she got sentenced I did not call her and I did not text her. I said to her when I spoke to her, ‘I know so many people are texting you and calling you and I don’t want to be that person.’ I want to talk to you because I will talk to you very real and we did. We had a very real conversation and she’s called me several times and I’ve done everything I can do for her and I hope she comes to see the show with the girls and I love to hang out and have a drink before she goes. I would even visit her… I really would.”

The most shocking revelation of the interview came when NeNe admitted  that she chose to wheedle out of an agreement she had made to cast mate Kenya Moore, breaking a promise to match a donation Kenya had committed to the charity of her choice. Kenya chose the Detroit Public Schools Foundation, and followed through by donating $20k to the charity. Leakes promised to match the $20k, but admittedly reneged on the deal, cryptically citing that the statute of limitations had run out on her promise.  The disgusted president of the foundation assured the press that there had been no communication with Leakes, and the foundation would be more than happy to accept any donation from the self proclaimed rich bitch.       

She and Andy then agreed that they would both love to visit Teresa in the slammer…fingers crossed that Bravo captures that behind the gates love fest! Leakes went on to share how she felt about Cynthia’s gleefully expressed freedom from the pair’s turned stressful friendship.

“That’s the first time I saw that,” NeNe admits. “I just think it’s a sad little Cynthia trying to act like I knocked her over or something as if she didn’t knock me over with a bunch of lies. Look, let her have her moment. I don’t have the time… I’m on Broadway. For somebody to sit and act like now her marriage is better because she is not friends with me… really Cynthia? Girl cmon.”

Leakes went on to bring up the (good for her) Broadway gig up for the tenth time, and when asked about possible cast jealousy, implied that her perceived superiority is probably true due to her obviously  fierce success.She also drearily reiterated for the millionth time that she is SO over the show drama, but will undoubtedly always come back, as long as the wigs hold out, and there’s breath in her body. Phew…what a relief!


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