Celebrity Apprentice Showdown: Kenya Moore Vs. Brandi Glanville

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Celebrity Apprentice season 14 cast at Pie Face Set 2

When Donald Trump asked two Real Housewives from two different franchises to be on the 14th season of Celebrity Apprentice, he obviously knew the kind of chaos and cattiness this would create. From the tea that is spilling from behind the scenes, he was right. Brandi Glanville (Beverly Hills) and Kenya Moore, (Atlanta) two strong minded and even stronger mouthed women do not get along at all.

Apparently, Brandi tried to get the show to choose between the two. E! is reporting that Brandy said, “Two Housewives, there can only be one, so you have to choose.” Then she followed up with, “It’s either super-evil Kenya or trash-mouth Brandi: pick! But I’m not evil that’s the thing, there’s pure evil there. I didn’t know that Kenya Moore had fans. I really didn’t.” Throw some shade with that tea, why don’t you!

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Speculation is there is a ton of drama this season, not only between these two, but add control-freak mom of 8, Kate Gosselin, into the mix, toss in a bunch of challenging competitions that require actual teamwork, and you’ve got a recipe for fireworks! Brandi compared her experience on the show as “more stressful (than) getting a divorce.”

Celebrity Apprentice is scheduled to premiere January 4th 2015.


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