Kyle’s Richards Daughter Brutally Attacked By Kim Richards Pitbull

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Kim Richards has a reputation that reflects that the task of taking care of herself presents quite a challenge, so when viewers were introduced to her new rambunctious dog last season on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” there was reason for concern.  Unstable owners mean unstable dogs, after all. Evidently the worry was warranted, because Kim’s pal, a pit bull named Kingsley, has apparently bitten Kim’s niece, who is also the daughter of cast member Kyle Richards, badly enough to need surgery to repair the damage. 

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Reportedly, 18 year old Alexia was visiting her aunt when the unprovoked attack occurred, and she was supposedly the 4th victim of the animal.  The L.A. Dept of Animal Services is aware of the problem, and earlier issued a warning to Richards after someone reported being bitten over the summer. They will not take further action until another victim officially complains, which Alexia has apparently chosen not to do.  There have supposedly been two other incidents of bites, and Kingsley is also believed to be aggressive towards other animals.  If someone does eventually come forward with a formal complaint, a hearing would be held to determine if he would remain in Kim’s care, or destroyed. 

What’s a dog to do when all structure, teaching and guidance is coming from an emotionally unstable, and seemingly constantly under the influence  train wreck?  I certainly hope that whatever action necessary is taken to keep Kim’s neighbors safe..but Alexia is not the only victim in this sad scenario.


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