Rumor Control: Jim Marchese Accused of Neglecting His Injured Child & Jim Responds!

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Jim Marchese has established himself as the most controversial, polarizing, and colorful character of this season’s “Real Housewives of New Jersey.” Love him or hate him, there is little doubt that his scathing honesty played a huge part in breathing life back into a dying franchise with gutter level ratings. He proudly presents himself as a protector and defender of his wife Amber, their children, and the hard truth.

This claim was called into question today on Twitter when he was accused of neglecting his son Vinny, who was apparently being treated at a hospital for a head injury over the weekend.

The only problem with this accusation, is that Jim Marchese is NOT the father of any boy named Vinny! A little digging revealed that the tweet was posted by a Facebook friend of his ex-wife. The Tweeter noticed the tidbit on Jim’s ex-wife’s Facebook page and decided that Jim should have had his butt in the hospital with the obviously injured Vinny. I wonder if Vinny’s mom watches the show…Jim fan or no? I gotta know!

All About The Tea reached out to Jim for a statement, and he responded with his characteristic flair for words.

“I have NOT fathered a child named Vinny. That child is NOT mine. Nevertheless, I believe every child should be loved, educated, and given proper medical care.”

To further clarify, he responded to the Tweeter directly, just a short while ago.

Jim Vinny

Maybe Vinny’s mom is a Jim superfan, and wants her own ‘gentle lion’ to help her through the tough times. Trying to peg Jim as a neglectful dad of a child that isn’t his is a bit of a stretch, but with his looming and seemingly epic reunion appearance only a few days away, maybe the gloves are off to pollute his protective dreamboat image. I know in my heart that Jim would have been by Vinny’s side if only he had known! I think that I can speak for Jim, Amber, and their entire family in extending the warmest and most sincere wishes for Vinny’s speedy recovery.

From all of us at All About The Tea…get well soon Vinny!!  


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