Caroline Manzo Exposes Dina Manzo’s Lies: Tells Dina To “Grow Up”

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Dina vs Caroline

By the end of the first part of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” reunion last night, most viewers were sick to death of Dina Manzo’s blathering excuses as to why she simply can’t have a relationship with her family. She implied that she wants a relationship with Caroline and Chris…but that any relationship with Chris‘ wife, Jacqueline, brings too much toxicity to her zenful existence. However, a passionate and faithful friendship with a lying, convicted felon is apparently toxin free, and evidently due to the fact that it’s ending in a couple of months, remains peaceful and positive. There was jabber of engagements, graduations, weddings…and while I lost interest along the way, the gist was that invites and acceptances were snubbed, and everyone has been miffed at everyone, rather than just placing the blame squarely at the feet of the “Housewife” in the evil Disney queen get up to Andy’s right.

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While many were left confused by Dina’s babble, Caroline appeared on “Watch What Happens Live,” last night to shed some crystal clear light on what has really been going on behind the scenes. ​She readily admitted to not inviting Dina to her daughter Lauren’s engagement party, but also elaborates on the ongoing chilly family climate that Dina has deliberately worked hard to maintain. 

 “Over the past four years, five years Dina has never attended any family function at all.”

Caroline continues by explaining that there are several young nieces and nephews that Dina has never met, as well as numerous births, graduations, baptisms, and weddings that Dina has ignored. Caroline calls foul on the engagement party being singled out, and also on Dina demanding relationships that require couples and families separating to occur. Caroline went on to express her sad disgust at her sister’s comfort level in ignoring her young nephew with special needs, in order to casually carry on with her brother. She also insists that she and the rest of the family have done everything they can to mend things, that Dina can shove her ‘Cookin’ Zen With Sis’ pitch, and just grow up already.

Dina didn’t like the simply stated perspective that Caroline shared with America, as well as the clarity it shed, and fired back on Twitter. 

Dina Manzo

I might be speculating but the quotation marks around ‘sister’ doesn’t smack of someone who wants to reconcile and be sisterly pals again. Just sayin’. Thanks Dina, for making Caroline’s five minutes of airtime appear even more transparently honest. 


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