Claws Out: Dina Manzo Attacks Melissa Gorga At The Reunion

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Dina vs Melissa

There’s been plenty of tension building up on this season of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” but the sparks flying at the reunion are straight-up infernal.

Dina Manzo came to the RHONJ season 6 reunion with a hit list. One of the unfortunate targets on her list was Melissa Gorga.

During the season, Dina and Melissa didn’t exactly hit it off since Boring Cat Lady Dina rejoined the show, however, viewers didn’t witness any noticeable tension between the faux friends.

In a preview clip of the reunion, Dina attacks Melissa with passive aggressive digs. The co-stars get into a heated exchange over being on the show with family. Hmmm….that sounds remarkably familiar?!?

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Dina responds to Rosie about coming back on the show and says “I chose not to come back while family was on the show,” and Melisa chimed in, “This show is about mending family and being together.” Dina immediately makes a childish smirk in Melissa’s direction. Dina then says, “Melissa I like you, I really do but you would not have come on this show…,” before she could finish Melissa claps back and says “If what?”

Roll the videotape:


I don’t get where all the venom from Dina towards Mel is coming from. I can only surmise she’s trying to shed her boring persona and claim a spot in season seven. 


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