Best & Worst: Housewives Reunion Fashions – Our Pick For “Queen of Ugly”

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It’s “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” reunion eve, everyone! 

It’s always fun to think about all that can happen on these special “Housewives” episodes….some live up to the hype, and others fall flat, but they are always a wild card with great potential for dramatic fireworks. While we mainly tune in to hear the banter, sniping and occasional shrieking, it is also fun to see what new variety of hideous prom wear the women will show up in.  The dramatic gowns, overdone hair, and chunky makeup…..the gaudy amusement is endless.  We have decided to bring back some hideous blasts from the pasts just for some Saturday laughs. 

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I am crowning Dina Manzo as my choice for the current reunion’s “Queen of Ugly” and the getup is just the beginning, based on the sneak peek.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey - Season 6

Which ensemble brings back the most intense fashion nightmare for you?  Feel free to post your own reunion fails and faves too!


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