Clarification: Where Will Teresa Giudice Serve Her Prison Term

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There’s an old saying that goes, two things are certain…death and taxes. Another certainty is set to occur on January 5th, when “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” star, Teresa Giudice, surrenders herself to begin serving her 15-month prison sentence. There is no confusion surrounding the actual punishment handed down by Judge Salas, however, there has been some confusion about where Teresa will actually reside, as she squarely thumps right where her fraudulent choices have led her.

Various media outlets earlier reported that Teresa would be serving out her sentence at a prison camp in Danbury, Connecticut. Teresa had requested this locale in order to make it easier for her four daughters to visit. While it is true that Judge Salas made this  recommendation, it is not accurate to say that Teresa will actually end up there.

As we reported previously on Teresa’s prison recommendation, but also included that the Bureau of Prisons are the only agency who has the authority to make the final and ultimate decision about any facility being considered.

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BOP alone has the power to decide what info, Teresa will put on those change of address cards. All About the Tea has obtained the court document that clearly states that Danbury has been recommended, and the alternative is the federal prison in Alderson, West Virginia.  To further complicate things, the Danbury facility is currently undergoing a renovation in preparation for an impending transition to an all male facility, so due to the length of Teresa’s sentence, it is unlikely that Teresa will find herself there. Whether Teresa drops in Connecticut or West Virginia, I hope that she comes to her senses about the perceived necessity of her four daughters trekking in for visits. A prison is no place for young girls, and if the real priority is the well being of her daughters, I believe that Teresa needs to live out these months without them.

Teresa Giudice - Court Papers

In addition, according to the BOP, Danbury FCI is no longer accepting female prisoners with sentences longer than six months, which would imply a sealed deal that Teresa is heading south.


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