EXCLUSIVE: Heather Maclean Jumps Off a Sinking Ship

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Man the lifeboats, because another member of the Giudice crew is abandoning her post on the swiftly sinking SS Teresa

It takes many resourceful minds to keep the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star, Teresa Giudice, looking sharp, and an inside source is exclusively reporting to All About The Tea that another one of her big assets has indeed jumped ship.

Heather Maclean is the woman responsible for allegedly ghostwriting all of Teresa’s uncharacteristically intelligent blogs, and can also claim credit for contributing content to Teresa’s cookbooks. The following snapshot is from Heather’s website:

Teresa Giudice

According to our source, Maclean has decided that she’s had enough and has QUIT, and will no longer be Teresa’s behind the scenes voice. This comes as a big loss, and creates a large gap in the team that strives to keep the Teresa image afloat.

The loss was made glaringly apparent in Teresa’s recent Bravo blogs. The last one published on September 23rd was sparse compared to her well-written Princeton scholar blogs of the past.

Teresa Giudice

Below is a snippet of a Teresa Giudice blog published on Jun 26, 2012:

Teresa Giudice

This is an interesting development considering the short length of Teresa’s prison sentence. Fifteen months is a reasonable period to keep the interest alive, and life up the river opens up a whole new world of possibilities, and perhaps even a new ex-jailbird demographic who might enjoy reading about Teresa’s day to day activities and challenges. There is every possibility that the Teresa marketing train has just begun…and a Tre-brained, but articulate writer is a must. Slammer prose evidently isn’t in Heather’s wheelhouse, so my guess is that team Giudice is searching pretty frantically to find someone who has mad mouthpiece skills. Teresa certainly needs one if she has any hope of selling her uplifting comeback shtick from the Big House, to all of her adoring, though simple-minded fans.


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