EXCLUSIVE: Teresa Giudice Hires A New PR Manager

Posted on Oct 29 2014 - 1:14am by BeachSpin

Teresa Giudice

Disgraced “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star, and soon to be inmate #65703-050, Teresa Giudice, has hired a new PR representative, and a source is spilling the tea EXCLUSIVELY to All About The Tea. Ever since her sentencing date, Teresa has been nasally blathering and working overtime to convince America that her first priority is…her daughters…her second is…her daughters…and her third is keeping her husband Joe sober enough to take care of…her daughters. However, evidently the show must go on, even in prison…so Teresa has called in a new PR person to help her drone on more effectively.

Our source reveals that the decision is evidently a poor one, and a person generally disliked within the industry. This inside source describes the new hire as a person who started as a PR person for “D List” reality personalities, with the goal of simply scoring magazine spots and talk show appearances. Other Bravolebrities are allegedly clients of this person, who our source labels as a “hustler” who collects a monthly fee for strictly media pushing, with no real coaching or writing as part of the job description. I guess Teresa wants to hit the tabloid circuit hard, and maybe Geraldo can be coaxed into staging an interview in the clink.

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My first reaction to this was to ask WHY in the world would a woman heading to the Big House need a PR person?  But then I remembered how she articulates, and I understood.  There is a Twitter account to keep up with after all. We can’t forget that those tweets are crucial in maintaining her delusional fan base and a super swift rep probably isn’t really necessary to keep that fantasy train a rollin’ along. Let’s hope that this person has a penchant for keeping the slammer life revelations perky, for the sake of children.  

And what about the children anyway? Joe is an admitted drunk, and we are hearing nothing about other family members stepping in. Why isn’t the welfare of these four girls the priority here? Someone other than Milania needs to do the cooking and take Gia to her JLo practices. Hopefully this new PR manager has a minivan, and a LOT of patience. Otherwise Teresa needs to shift the focus off herself and her felonious image and back on…her daughters.


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  • Norrth

    Didn’t she admit there were no college funds? WHY waste money on a new PR person?

    • RonnieIsBack

      Exactly..I guess she thinks Gia will probably earn her college money with that *cough* stripper pole scholarship *cough* based on her newest girl group adventure
      Milania will get her from either the Cordon Bleu or from the WWE
      Gabby will get her college money from the Save A Child fundation
      Audriana will get her tuitiion paid from the doctor who performed the IVF – she still is his responsiblity cuz her parents owe him money.

  • TheBeverlyHillsHaveEyes

    LOL Beach Spin, her fans will probably still think it’s Teresa tweeting from inside. Like they believe she is a fantastic author/businesswoman/cook/tricologist/vintner.

  • September24

    You know, somewhere, Apollo is saying why didn’t I think of that!

  • Gabby

    The Judge told her to STOP relying on PR people & start thinking for herself. She’s learned nothing.

  • RonnieIsBack

    A PR? Da Faq? What she needs in an accountant and a remedial class in mathmatics…when you borrow much more than what you can afford and lie about it = PRISON
    those poor girls…

  • DLister

    Sounds like the PR dude may be Jonathan Cheban.

    • Anne Green

      That was my exact thought when I read it……hummmm???? Poor choice exactly..

  • WaWaWaWHAT!

    Hysterical read! Glad to see Teresa STILL has her priorities straight…image, image image….too bad a GOOD PR Rep is not in her budget…

    • italiano bambino

      That woman is loose cause

  • italiano bambino

    She LEARN NOTHING!!!!! With who’s MONEY is she paying? ???

    • Kim G!!!!!! Bring Kim G back!

      • italiano bambino

        Yes n Kim Sniff dipola too

  • Birdie11

    Once again…Teresa insisting that she’s changed, all she cares about is her daughters, she’s going to work hard to become a better person…all undone by action that confirms that she is the same old, same old.

  • Anne Green

    This is Teresa’s last ditch effort to remain relevant. If someone doesn’t keep her name “out there”, who will care about her? When she gets out of the hoosegow, if Bravo doesn’t rescue her, who will? Can she act? Would anyone want her face on their product? Could she carry a talk show? Plus you can see the $$$$$ in Miss Andy’s eyes!

  • Hi all! (it’s Doc)

    I’ve been in contact with West Coast Feed (WCF) and she wanted to let everyone know her laptop died. She’ll be back very soon.

    • italiano bambino

      Aww tell her I said hi to her

      • I know…..WCF is a doll and AATT’s matriarch. I miss her tons.

    • Norrth

      (((HUGS))) to WCF!

  • michey

    And now Teresa is pimping out Gia to make money for her also!

    • The kids are her retirement plan. She’s investing every dollar in their “careers.” Notice Milania is always in the kitchen cooking? Expect a cookbook from her soon.

  • tia mimi

    Why is everyone so worried about taking the girls to all their activities? Everyone should be asking how can they afford to keep doing these activities!!!!!

    • Exactly! Good point. How in the hell are they affording all these expensive extracurricular activities??? Tre has NO SHAME. She continues to spit in the faces of the people she defrauded and the American taxpayer.

  • She Stinks!

    Juicy probably drank the college fund, if one existed to begin with! If he didn’t drink it, she spent it on tacky clothes and poor marble flooring choices. She wants to pull a Kate Gosselin and get the governor (or some other politician) to grant her free college educations for her kids at Rutgers. She’s shady like that.

    • RealitytvJunkie

      I don’t think one ever existed in the first place. The girls college doesn’t seem like it would be a priority to Teresa. Making sure they look good seems high on the list, above everything else.

  • RealitytvJunkie

    I bet Kim’s PR douche, Jonathan is her new PR guy. He seems to be the only idiot that would take on a client like this.

  • Gabby

    College is not high on their priority list. Teresa has dreams of her girls being the next Beyonce and Rhianna…that’s what she’s banking on.

  • michey

    Of course she needs a new PR person to add to her e mail list while she’s in prison! Scamming from the big house

  • Dave

    This is becoming sickening. I don’t think I can take anymore of this silly bitch. It’s obvious she doesn’t love her kids. CPS should take them away. Case closed.

  • Harleygirl0685

    It just blows my mind she has money to pay these people!

  • murlut

    She tries to convince every mother out there she was worried about her kids, PLEASE. If you were concerned about your kids, you would have never did what you did. Go to prison, I don’t care what happens to you. Your life on Bravo and in ours should be over. We are tired of the excuses, lies and hurtful actions to others. Karma will get you

  • CatsMeow

    Where in the world is she getting the money for this? Shame on this criminal.