EXCLUSIVE: Teresa Giudice Hires A New PR Manager

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Teresa Giudice

Disgraced “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star, and soon to be inmate #65703-050, Teresa Giudice, has hired a new PR representative, and a source is spilling the tea EXCLUSIVELY to All About The Tea. Ever since her sentencing date, Teresa has been nasally blathering and working overtime to convince America that her first priority is…her daughters…her second is…her daughters…and her third is keeping her husband Joe sober enough to take care of…her daughters. However, evidently the show must go on, even in prison…so Teresa has called in a new PR person to help her drone on more effectively.

Our source reveals that the decision is evidently a poor one, and a person generally disliked within the industry. This inside source describes the new hire as a person who started as a PR person for “D List” reality personalities, with the goal of simply scoring magazine spots and talk show appearances. Other Bravolebrities are allegedly clients of this person, who our source labels as a “hustler” who collects a monthly fee for strictly media pushing, with no real coaching or writing as part of the job description. I guess Teresa wants to hit the tabloid circuit hard, and maybe Geraldo can be coaxed into staging an interview in the clink.

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My first reaction to this was to ask WHY in the world would a woman heading to the Big House need a PR person?  But then I remembered how she articulates, and I understood.  There is a Twitter account to keep up with after all. We can’t forget that those tweets are crucial in maintaining her delusional fan base and a super swift rep probably isn’t really necessary to keep that fantasy train a rollin’ along. Let’s hope that this person has a penchant for keeping the slammer life revelations perky, for the sake of children.  

And what about the children anyway? Joe is an admitted drunk, and we are hearing nothing about other family members stepping in. Why isn’t the welfare of these four girls the priority here? Someone other than Milania needs to do the cooking and take Gia to her JLo practices. Hopefully this new PR manager has a minivan, and a LOT of patience. Otherwise Teresa needs to shift the focus off herself and her felonious image and back on…her daughters.


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