Teresa Giudice Assaulted Former Crisis Manager Wendy Feldman?

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According to Life & Style, four days before Joe and Teresa Giudice were sentenced to prison on October 2, they attended a strategy meeting.  The meeting was attended by Teresa, a group of six advisers and attorneys. Tensions were high and Teresa allegedly SNAPPED and physically attacked Wendy Feldman, her former Crisis Manager. 

The source who supposedly witnessed the attack, said the assault was triggered by Feldman communicating to Teresa she would have to serve some prison time:

“Teresa flipped out,” the witness reveals. “She just couldn’t hear those words. She grabbed Wendy with both hands and slammed her back forcefully. Everyone was stunned.”

Wendy Feldman fired Teresa as a client, 3 weeks after the alleged attack took place. 

As we reported in our exclusive with Feldman, she resigned from her post as Crisis Manager when Teresa filed a request with the Bureau of Prisons without her knowledge or input. However, a source tells Life & Style that Wendy decided to quit the moment Teresa attacked her in that conference room.

“At that point, Wendy knew Teresa was a lost cause,” the source says.

Everyone that knows Teresa Giudice, knows she’s a hot-blooded Italian prone to resorting to violence. In season 3, Teresa chased Danielle Staub through a country club while threatening to do bodily harm. Then during the season 3 reunion, Giudice shoved Andy Cohen like a rag doll to try and physically attack Danielle Staub again. Then there’s the infamous table flip heard around the world in season one.

All About The Tea reached out to Wendy Feldman for comment and she responded she has no comment at this time on advisement of her attorney.


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