Breaking News: Benzino And Althea FIRED From Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

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Benzino of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta fame is not a happy camper right now.

According to Benzino’s Twitter account, him and and his fiancee, Althea Eaton have been FIRED from the hit reality show, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta!

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Benzino posted a series of tweets indicating he and Althea are taking the fall for the reunion fight between castmates, Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J.  The all out violent melee that played out for the public’s viewing pleasure. The brawl we reported exclusive details and video footage of. 

Benzino’s tweet captioned, “Damn, I thought after all I have done for the franchise, I eould be appriciated, not vicitmized, I guess doing the right thing dont count”

Benzino tweet 2

Benzino, went on to compare Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J to animals, he tweeted “So the WILD DRUGGED OUT ANIMAL GETS TO STAY BUT ME AND THI GET FIRED??? AND I NEVER EVEN GOT 1 PHONE CALL SINCE THE REUNION IN JULY?”

Benzino - Drug tweet

The network could be upset with the civil lawsuit Althea filed against Joseline, claiming she assaulted her while high on CRACK cocaine at the reunion.

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Also a point of contention may be when Benzino tried to assault, one of the shows producers and had to be physically restrained at the one-on-one interview of Benzino and Althea.


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