Teresa Giudice Accepts Twisted Support as Truth: God “Brings” Teresa to Criminal Life

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Teresa Giudice in church

Teresa Giudice’s days of freedom are ticking away, and as “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” star struggles to cope with her new reality, her loyal fans are often present, offering support and sympathy.  Twitter is the mode of communication that they use most, and Teresa chose to share a tweet of encouragement that she found particularly heartfelt.  I found it particularly twisted and a little nuts.  Her fans seem to know how to tug at the heart strings, and I am guessing by the nonsensical nature of this doozy, that this groupie/friend can claim artistic license for this one.

Teresa Giudice RHONJ

I write a lot, so I care very much about words and how they are used.  I believe that words are powerful and can be used to speak truth or lies, can encourage or discourage, clarify or distort.  These words lovingly strung together by this fan or friend validate all of Teresa’s distorted attitudes, so it’s no wonder that she was touched by them.  The repetitive use of the word ‘keep’ lets us know that Teresa has ALWAYS been sweet, strong, human (ok, I’ll give her that one) and humble. So now Teresa has apparently launched into maintenance mode to just keep her the darling doll that she already is. In Teresa’s world ‘happiness’ can be interpreted as having fistfuls of cash, ‘trials’ are when those hands are slapped by the law and the cash disappears, ‘sorrows’ are when things “just happen” that land you in a federal prison cell, and ‘failure’ is the minute you get clocked with the hard truth that the jig is up and your butt is caught.  Most Housewives don’t need ‘sorrows’ to ‘keep’ them human…just sayin’.

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The most ridiculous vein of this twisted sentiment is how God is brought into it…and forgive me if this comes across as preachy. First of all…I believe that God does ‘keep’ us going…but He also flattens us when we need it.  The most personally offensive line to me states that ‘if God brings you to it’. God had NOTHING to do with Teresa stealing millions of dollars, and He will ‘bring her through it’ only if He chooses to and Teresa chooses humble and truth seeking change. I would argue that Teresa’s stint on the Housewives was an offered blessing..she would have no success from cookbooks, bar swill, hair care, and whatever other products I have ignored over the years, without the opened doors at Bravo.  She could have ‘made it through’ smelling like a rose….she CHOSE to throw it away and come out smelling like a prison rat.


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