The Walking Dead Recap: “Four Walls and a Roof” [Episode 3]

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Happy Halloween!  We open with two spectacularly gruesome scenes.  Walkers are trapped in a building watching Gareth and his crew, outside. It’s clear the glass holding the walkers won’t hold, but Gareth finds solace in watching them scratch at the window.  Post-apocalyptic TOOL!  The crew is still eating Bob.  Gareth, who I can only assume was the loneliest kid in his high school class talks about the extra layer of fat on women, probably due to childbearing, makes them tastier (even the skinny women like “the gray haired bitch who killed his mother”).  He also thinks pretty people taste better, women like Sasha. We find out that they’ve been watching Rick’s crew for some time and almost had Carol and Daryl until they took off. Bob laughs as the Terminans gather around, thinking he’s snapped. Advantage? BOB! He shows the walker bite and calls himself “tainted meat.” They try to spit the taste of “bitten Bob” out and curse Gareth for not checking.  He’s sure that having cooking his leg means they’re safe.

The walking dead

Sasha goes outside to find Bob and finds a walker instead.  She kills it as Tyrese and Rick come and inform her they’re all being watched and thatCarol and Daryl are missing too.  What we know: They are out looking for Beth. What our survivors know:  Father Gabriel seems more sketchy than holy, and three of their comrades are missing. What is about to happen:  If Father Gabriel didn’t believe in Karma, before, he might just believe in it now. Sasha and the group begin to attack him and accuse him of being involved in some way.

Fr. Gabriel proclaims his innocence and continues to tell everyong he has nothing to do with the disappearances.  Rick wants to know what he did to the woman in the food bank and about the words carved into the side of the church.  We find out that he locks the doors at night and wouldn’t let anyone else in, even after Atlanta was bombed.  The walkers came as the congregation tried to fight their way in.  He stood back and listened to them being torn apart instead of helping – men, women, and children.  He buried them and now he thinks Rick’s crew was sent to punish him as he is damned.  Just then Glenn realizes that someone is lying in the grass outside.  It’s Bob.  The crew fights their way back into the church, carrying him, unaware of his condition.  Bob tells them everything he knows (including news about Daryl and Carol) then shows them the bite. It happened at the food bank, as we suspected!

The walking dead

They are offered the sofa in the Father’s office to make Bob’s last moments comfortable, and Sasha is grateful. Fr. Gabriel also tells the crew that the place Bob was held at is a nearby elementary school.  Conflict ensues when Abe  refuses to help and wants to take off without the rest of the crew, planning to leave in the bus – he doesn’t care that Carol saved his life, as Rick reminds him.  Glenn becomes the peacemaker, reminds Abethat it’s not safe at night, anyway.  Tara claims to have a plan. – Abe could give a flying bang.  Rick threatens that they cannot take the bus – whenAbe dares him to stop them.  A testosterone cloud fogs the room as the two men start to go at each other and Glenn stops between them. Abe agrees to half day’s wait and Maggie, Glenn, and others agree to go no matter what happens.

Bob wants to end his life with “Good after Bad,” Sasha can’t/won’t.  He didn’t tell her about the bite because he didn’t want his life to become all about the end when he loved the middle so much.  He then holds her.  I am officially mad at the writers.  Sasha wants to join the gang in hunting Gareth’s crew down and Tyrese wants her to take the gift of being able to say good-bye, a chance he didn’t have with Karen.  He tells her the last thing Bob will want to see is her face. She gives him her knife to put through Bob’s temple if he stops breathing. She wants revenge on Gareth. As Rick’s group leaves, Gareth’s people break into the church. Carl is locked and loaded. Father Gabriel prays. Gareth taunts that he knows who is inside and names them. He knows that Rick and the others are gone and have taken the guns. He offers to let Father Gabriel take Judith and run if he helps them, just as she cries. He decides they may keep her, he’s beginning to like her.

Just as they are planning to make a move, two kill shots are fired from the darkness at the back of the church – c’mon, you knew that was coming! Rick’s husky voice is heard telling them to put their guns on the floor. Gareth threatens to fire anyway until part of his hand is shot off.  Rick repeats the order and tells them to kneel.  More yammering about once helping people…things changed…blah and more blah.  Gareth promises that they will never cross paths again, when Rick tells him he’ll just do it to someone else when he crosses their path. Rick doesn’t waste the bullets as he letsGareth know that he is keeping his promise.  They begin hacking the Terminans. Michonne and her blade are reunited as the takes the blade from one of the bodies.  Love it, but I’m still mad about Bob, people.  Father Gabriel is upset that the violence has taken place in The Lord’s House. So sayeth the man who denied His flock access.  Maggie responds with no, it’s just four walls and a roof.

The walking dead

Everyone is saying good bye to Bob. He asks to speak with Rick and thanks him for taking him in.  He now knows there are good people left.  He tells Rick that nightmares end, and they shouldn’t end who you are.  Bob sees hope in looking at Judith and thinks the world will change.  He is smiling at the end, telling Sasha he was dreaming and she was there smiling back at him.  He dies before telling her the good that comes out of this bad.  Tyrese takes over to stop Sasha from having to put him down.  The next scene is of Sasha, placing the cross at his grave.  Eugene, Rosita, Glenn, Maggie, Abe, and Tara head off to D.C. the next day leaving a map of the route they’ll try to stick to. Abe’s map has a handwritten apology for Rick, telling him the world needs him. Our family is split again as the others wait for Carol and Daryl.

That night, Michonne and Fr. Gabriel are outside talking.  His confession to the group leaves him hearing and seeing it all again.  Michonne tells him it won’t stop, but it won’t be all the time. He goes in and she walks towards the shadows where she hears noises.  It’s Daryl, alone.  She asks where Carol is when he turns and tells someone to come out… fade to black. WHAT?

I’ll see YOU next week as we get to the bottom of this!


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