Dina Manzo Has Never Met Her Nephew & Has No Desire To?

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Dina Manzo

Dina Manzo returned to “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” to supposedly reveal her new peace-loving persona. Unfortunately, this new zen committed personality translated to the viewer as boring and cold, but with plenty of vindictive undertones running throughout her nap inducing scenes. All About The Tea earlier reported that Dina went public last March with her obvious venom for sister-in-law Jacqueline Laurita, which she expressed openly on Twitter.  One of the saddest aspects of her nasty outburst was that her target was the mother of her two nephews, and wife of her brother Chris.  It appears that the family grudge doesn’t stop at Jacqueline

Rumorfix is reporting that Dina has not even met Chris and Jacqueline’s son Nicholas, and the insensitivity only grows from there. Nicholas suffers from autism, and Dina was heard commenting that it’s not such a big deal. When asked if Nicholas has autism, Dina allegedly replied, “Yeah but he’s making progress every day. She’s [Jacqueline] in an area that has a lot of resources, so it’s not that bad.”

According to the report, this is when she added that she would probably never meet her nephew.

 “It’s not like he’s in a hospital hooked up with tubes,” she added. 

I assume that this means that there is zero relationship with Nick’s older brother, CJ, as well.  I guess we are to conclude that because of her involvement with the children’s cancer charity, Project Ladybug, she is comparing Nick to children extremely ill with cancer. Quite a simplistic and chilly sentiment, considering the viewers have seen her nephew’s very real struggles on the show. Dina took offense to the report and lashed out on Twitter.


The only problem is, no matter what she said…she has never even met her own nephew, and has no plans to do so. How does someone so passionate about children’s health have such a seemingly icy heart towards her own young nephew? Dina needs to be reminded that peace and love go hand in hand…and that every child’s struggle matters.


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