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Wendy Feldman

Wendy Feldman, the ex-legal crisis manager of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” star, Teresa Giudice, has had enough of the confusion surrounding their recent professional split, and is choosing to speaking out. She has been giving interviews with various media outlets and is spilling the tea about the behind the scenes struggle with the reality mom, as well as her view on the current status of Teresa’s near future behind bars.

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Wendy categorizes herself as far more than a legal crisis manager. She also considers herself a coach, a fixer, a protector and an ultimate insider. She reminds us that she grew up in Hollywood, served time in federal prison, and was once a difficult client herself. She takes setting a strong example for her clients a must, and explains that the reason she is speaking out is because of her strong allegiance to her clients serving time in prison, as well as those who have come out and changed their lives. She is passionate about her job, because of the clients who have taken her advice to heart, and emerged from the personal darkness with a commitment to change.

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She begins her explanation of how things went down with Teresa by calling the circumstances an inherited mess. Feldman explains that she is in charge of overseeing all contracts, with the aid of lawyers, but in dealing with a television star, media management for a difficult client made the job challenging from the start. She describes Teresa as one prone to tantrums, and missteps, but acknowledges her as a good mother and the sole caregiver to her four daughters. She asserts that she has been committed to keeping Teresa and her children together, and resents public reports to the contrary. Wendy disagreed with the acceptance of the plea deal that carried a Federal Guideline of 21-27 months in prison, and goes on to tell of Teresa’s stubborn refusal to accept the possible outcome of what she had agreed to…a 15-month prison sentence.


Feldman reveals that the statement Teresa read in court on the day of her sentencing, was a collaboration between the two of them. However, when a sentence of probation was not handed down by Judge Salas, Teresa’s sense of entitlement took over, and a series of scams and schemes ensued that became the catalyst for the final split. She contends that a part of her job was to create a strategy that would lead to a reduced sentence, time in a camp, and a successful re-entry, and Teresa chose to jeopardize the plan. She also clarifies that the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) is the only party that has the power to hand down federal prison designations, and elaborates on the often confused subject, exclusively to All About the Tea:

“If you call the Bureau of Prisons (BOP), they will inform you that for ALL women, Danburry FCI is not accepting women with more than 6 month sentences. Maybe in January they might. That is the reason you do NOT ask to be placed. By default the BOP places you within 500 miles of your home and tries very hard, therefore if available, it would happen automatically.”
“If you make a big deal about placement, they [BOP] will show you who’s the BOSS. My experience is to allow the process to unfold naturally. Martha Stewart repeatedly asked for Danbury FCI (when they TOOK women) and she was placed at Alderson Federal Prison in West Virginia.”

In other words, Teresa, like anyone else, will surrender to U.S. Marshals and await her fate. I think that we can all will agree in hoping that when the harsh new normal hits, Teresa will seek personal change and growth, so that when she returns to her awaiting four daughters, a new and healthy reality can begin.


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  • MorningYawn

    Other than asking the BOP for a closer location than Alderson, I wonder what the other scams and schemes were – the halfway house? Was there something else we don’t know about yet? Is throwing Joe under the bus as a complete and total alcoholic one of those schemes? I think the man drinks but I think there are too many stories coming out for it to be true and not a ploy to try to get her sentence reduced or halfway house or house arrest. JMO.

    • Chloe

      I sniff a tell-all book coming. Wendy is going to milk her 15 minutes for all it’s worth.

      • jane

        I agree and I think there was already a rumor going around about WF writing a tell-all even before she “fired” Teresa.

  • Guest

    Scam like Joe’s lawyer telling judge Juicy has drinking and steroid use problems . Teresa stressing on WWHL that her girls have active schedules and Joe needs to step up…

    • Pinky Pie

      And, the whole active schedule issue should be coming to an end. All those lessons are expensive. I want to know where they will get the money to keep up their lifestyle. Gymnastics can be doing summersaults on the front lawn. Dancing, clean up your bedroom floor and turn on the music. Come back down to Earth Convict 601623 (or whatever her new number is).

  • Mustang

    So sick of reading that she is a “good mother”. A good mother would not have allowed her children to go without their mom for ANY length of time, let alone 15 months due to their own malfeasance. It takes more than the coolest summer camp, the newest fashion and the biggest birthday party to be a good mom. Enough with this drivel.

    • MorningYawn


  • Thank you Wendy Feldman for confirming what a lot of us already knew….Teresa is all about scamming and defrauding even after she was sentenced. Also thanks for confirming Bravo did indeed pay her restitution fees via the WWHL interview. Now somebody please put a muzzle on this dog (Wendy). This bitch is out of fucking control, running her damn mouth like this. This is some unprofessional shit.

    • MorningYawn

      I think I missed the part about the restitution. Nice to have the confirm. We are all so smaht!

      • you’re welcome.

    • RealitytvJunkie

      I also saw the ET interview Wendy did where she confirmed Bravo did pay for the restitution.

      • In New Jersey

        The restitution or the money that was supposed to be paid by sentencing time? If what I read was correct, they are two separate things. I believe the $200,000 due at sentencing was called forfeiture and had to do with taxes because although Teresa said she has always paid her taxes, she was ordered to refile for 2000 through 2011.

  • RealitytvJunkie

    Teresa is a total pig but what kind of self help guru/adviser goes on the talk show circuit and discloses what should be confidential discussions with a client.

  • She Stinks!

    Wendy wants to keep the press going to further her image and brand, albeit bad ones. After all the gossiping she has done, why would any other celeb want her ‘services’?

    Tre is clearly a lying socio-path narcissist that deserves extensive jail time, but Wendy is the worst bottom feeder there is, feeding off other bottom feeders.

    • TopGear

      She devaluing her brand by doing this. I can’t see how this spilling of secrets is helping her career.

    • jane

      Oh, I really like your last paragraph. Perfect description of WF.

    • Ditto!! Agree with this 100%

  • TopGear

    I always find it poor taste for the ”hired hand’ to spill insider knowledge about a client. Can’t imagine what confidently means to her.

    • jane

      Clearly nothing and her remaining clients should take note.

  • I hope she gets it together too because it’s clear she doesn’t think she has done anything wrong. She’s created this imaginary bubble she lives in. It’s like the real world doesn’t exist to her. Very strange.

    • Hey Bre….Happy Friday, diva!!

  • September24

    To quote Brandi STFU! Wendy is a wannabe. Not a crisis manager. She will be filing for bk cause no-one will ever hire her again.

    • Hi September. ….I see it coming. She’s behaving extremely unprofessional.

  • TartLemon

    What were the scams and schemes that took over after the sentencing?

    • Joe’s a drunk. Tre didn’t understand the plea, Tre secrectly hiring a new lawyer….I guess.

      • Pinky Pie

        Hi Doctor! It almost seems like she has more to tell than that. I wonder if it will come out in the future. Teresa is sure resistant to punishment. I wonder if this behavior developed in childhood.

        • Hey Pinkie! You know the juicy dirty secrets will come out eventually. At this rate, Wendy will talk to the highest bidder.

          • Pinky Pie

            Hi Doc! You’re right, I believe those secrets and scams will come to light. What is really sad is that there has been no real remorse. When do you think this will hit the Giudice’s financially? Or do you think it has already. When will we see them moved into an apartment, or some type of small rental? Do you think that will happen when she is in prison?

  • ✿❀❁ Tigerlily ❁❀✿

    Thoughts & prayers to all those in Washington. So sad!

    • Hi honey. My heart goes out to them.

      • ✿❀❁ Tigerlily ❁❀✿

        I am heartbroken. Enough!

        • I know, hon. I cried listening to the news report. Stuff like this makes me emotional. Prayers to the family.

          • ✿❀❁ Tigerlily ❁❀✿

            Same here. I am stressed & tired & I have been feeling pretty raw lately & this just makes me cry. I will never be able to understand it. Why? It’s just so senseless.

    • jane


    • nan/4

      My heart breaks for them, TL. It is senseless indeed.

      Hang in there honey, K?


      • ✿❀❁ Tigerlily ❁❀✿

        Same here. You too Love! Hang in there.
        Ohhhh. *Sigh* I’m trying Sweetie, just full of tears lately. Tired, stressed, & feeling emotional.
        Raw, just very raw. I lose it for a bit & then I pull it back together.
        Going out to a friends later. Hoping it will help to get out.
        Big [[[hugs]]] to my SIS! MWAH! Love you to the moon & back!

        • nan/4

          Good honey. Go out and try to have some fun…..blow off some steam! Order one Bloody Mary for me, okay? That’s my fav!!! Most important….Feel better! It hurts me to know that you’re feeling down. Anything I can do to help….you know where to find me. 😉

          Love you to the moon and back…..


          • ✿❀❁ Tigerlily ❁❀✿

            Think maybe I need to go have myself a good cry. You know? Get it out.
            You are the best! ♥ (❛‿❛✿̶̥̥)
            I know you are there for me Sweetie, but you have your own problems & concerns. Don’t want you to carry my bags too Honey.

            All you guys are the best-est! I am so thankful to have such wonderful friends like my AAtT fambly!

            Btw, I replied. you have mail.

          • nan/4

            I’ll help to carry your bags anytime. All you ever do is help me to carry mine!!!!

            Now go have some fun!


            Love you…. 😉

          • ✿❀❁ Tigerlily ❁❀✿

            Yes Ma’am! Party mode ON!

          • nan/4

            LOL! Good girl!!!! Get out there and let loose…..but not in the “putt-putt” way. hehe

            That pussy cat is SOOOO cute, and I’m a dog person too!

            YAHOOO SNOOKUMS!!!!

            Love ya’.;-)

        • Awwwwww T-Lily 🙁

          *****BIG HUGS******

          • ✿❀❁ Tigerlily ❁❀✿

            Thanks Seussie. I NEEDED that! ( ◡́.◡̀)(^◡^ )

      • Hi Nan….. Tiger filled me in on KJ and I’m heart broken. Please let her know I’m praying for her and Alex and to hang in there.

        • nan/4

          I will tell her, I promise honey. 🙂

      • I responded to your email.

        • nan/4

          Thanks Doc!

    • nan/4

      I’m putting my P.S. in the wrong place. Sorry.

      Mail call! 😉

      • ✿❀❁ Tigerlily ❁❀✿

        Thanks. I’ll check.

    • Dave

      I just read the shooter is dead. This is tragic but glad they took the shooter out.

      • ✿❀❁ Tigerlily ❁❀✿

        He took himself out Dave.

        • Pinky Pie

          I just saw that on msn. It is so scary. All those poor children at school. And, pray that all of the teachers have extra angels today that give them the strength to help those students.

          • ✿❀❁ Tigerlily ❁❀✿

            It’s heartbreaking. That poor innocent young man yesterday in Ottawa, just doing his duty. Now this.
            How sad is it that I’m thankful my son is no longer in school & I don’t have to have that worry! Wow, mind-boggling

          • Pinky Pie

            I taught for a while. 13-14 year olds. Columbine happened. It scared the wits out of me (I’m in California, so not even close) I had one boy tell me that he wanted to bring a gun to school. He was wearing an ankle bracelet for stabbing another boy at his former school, kicked out of last school, and sent to ours. I had him first period, so I would be his target teacher/class. I told principal, wrote him a letter, principal shrugged his shoulders at me and said we’re stuck. Two days later the boy told one of my best girl students he wanted to stick a knife up her ****, and cut her. She came to me crying. I took her to the principal’s office to tell. After he follows all the procedures, he calls mom to come get him. Mom shows up in leather halter top and short, shorts,and more make up than Macy’s make-up counter. Mom is laughing like she is at a party. Unbelievable. Not to long later another boy, very petite kid, tells me he wants to know what it feels like to kill a person. Before Columbine schools didn’t even report to police departments what students did, because after all they are just children. Finally, it started to be taken seriously. I’m sure there are emergency plans now for situations like this, but I think mental and emotional stability of our children needs to be monitored. Also, my own son was in high school when a boy came up to him, put a pencil perpendicular to his heart and made a fist, threatening to pound it through. When I talked to the vice principal, I was told the other student had rights. Oh, really. I had him kicked out of the district for good.

          • Pinky Pie

            Sorry, didn’t get to finish. I think we need to really monitor children. Things have changed. It takes two working parents to buy a home. Mom is exhausted. I don’t think they have the time or the energy to mother like the old days. School teachers are being forced, in many cases to take on more than just teaching. And, than the idiot parents have the nerve to kick them around. There are children, tons of them, in situations we would never think, after all this is The U.S. A.. And yet, it happens. This is the main reason I am so upset with Teresa and Joe. They hurt their children.
            Sorry, all of this school stuff upsets me.

          • ✿❀❁ Tigerlily ❁❀✿

            I hear you Pinky. It’s beyond scary. The kid who brought a rifle onto the NY, St. John’s University Campus in Sept. of 2007, lived down the block from me.
            I didn’t know it until I came home & saw all the swat vehicles.

          • Pinky Pie

            That is frightening! Can you imagine how messed up his mind was? It is so sad. I don’t think this is only the product of bullying. I think there is so much more to it than that. It is just sad all the way around. I will pay for those families. My husband worked for ESL when the gun man came through and killed 13 people. He shot his guns through the hallways at running groups of people that day. I thank God everyday my husband was home from work that afternoon. Our dear friend was the Assistant D.A. that was in charge. He called when it was going to find out where my husband was. Then, he discussed the layout of the building, etc. people had climbed into the ceilings to hide from him. The whole thing affected us for years. Our friend said he talked to the guy after he was arrested and there was no remorse.

          • Pinky Pie

            Meant I will pray for those families. Auto correct, that’s progress?

  • jane

    This is so unprofessional. I hope the clients Wendy still has are taking notes. Wendy disagreed with Teresa accepting the plea deal yet Teresa stated on WWHL if she didn’t accept it and was found guilty on just one charge her sentence could have been more than what she got/ Okay. . I am scratching my head at thet one. Also she is saying she collaborated with Teresa on the statement Teresa read in court. Well, I for one, found that statement to be a hot mess and could have written a better one myself. I missed my calling.
    In my opinion, Wendy Feldman is worse than Teresa. It is documented in her court case that not only did she scam rich clients, she also bilked money from her close friends and worse, her parents, to support her lavish lifestyle while she Ponzi-schemed her way through life. It can be speculated the Giudices may have taken money from their parents, but that is all it would be; speculation, and I don’t think they did. The discovery would have found it and it would have been reported. WF is scum and I hope she slithers back into the deep hole from whence she came.

    • TartLemon

      Teresa also agreed with Juicy when he said “THEY” decided to use Teresa’s credit to acquire the property. Teresa knew everything from the beginning.

      • Vince Foster, Jr.

        Is Teresa the brains and Juicy the brawn?

  • Marsbars09

    I’m not surprised Tre was a difficult client. She nor Joe are ones to listen to guidance & advice. They will always have a difficult life with their mindsets and jeopardize any decent future their daughters might have.

  • ✿❀❁ Tigerlily ❁❀✿

    Imo. Wendy is another one who has no business ethics, no moral code & no character. It’s bad enough to be slimy thieves like Juicy & Tre, but to be the thing that feeds off of that slime? Damn gurl can’t get much lower than that! Sheesh!
    That’s so low you could limbo under a worm’s belly!

    • Dave

      What do you expect from a convict. She’s just like the Giudices, no better.

      • ✿❀❁ Tigerlily ❁❀✿

        Exactly. But I thought even they had some type of code of ethics about ratting other convicts out, blowing up peoples ish & putting stuff on blast. I guess not.

        • Dave

          If she thought this was going to elevate her career, I think it did the opposite. All future clients will never trust her.

          • Pinky Pie

            I couldn’t even imagine taking a convict’s advice.

          • ✿❀❁ Tigerlily ❁❀✿

            True Dave.
            If anything now she’s untouchable. No one will ever trust her because she doesn’t keep her confidences.

  • Pinky Pie

    Wendy Feldman says Teresa is a good mother. How would she know? Good mother’s do not exploit their children. So, I would say Wendy’s judgement is way off. I wouldn’t be surprised if this whole thing of Wendy “firing” Teresa is being done so that Teresa can claim an insider is claiming she is a good mother and an only parent. Joe is too drunk to take care of the children, Teresa needs house arrest. Let’s face it; Wendy is a liar ( went to prison for fraud), Teresa is a liar (going to prison for fraud), together they could have really come up with a scam to try to fool the court into letting Teresa he convict out of doing prison time. Hey Wendy, good mother’s don’t exploit their children. Good mother’s don’t lie, cheat, steal, scam, and abuse other people. Good mothers live within their means. Good mothers teach their children manners. Good mothers teach their children to respect others. Teresa is NOT a good mother. Please don’t classify her with good mothers, we worked hard to give our children ethics and morals.

    • Hi Jane! AMEN!!

      I would put anything past Teresa and Wendy BUT Wendy is really trashing Tre all over the place. I mean telling ALL her secrets not just the stuff we’re seeing in the press. Stuff that make Tre look REALLY bad. If they made up this “firing” as rouse for Tre to gain something, this was a stupid way to do it.

    • nan/4

      Hi Pinky! I agree with you, but this post is in response to you last post to me! For some odd reason, I posted my reply twice, and both times they disappeared! Weird, I know! Let’s hope that the third time’s a charm. 😉

      Okay. Now remember back what you wrote to me….lol Here’s my response! Oh. you’re in Cali.??? My son and DIL lived in Santa Monica for years! We did too for a while. Now I’m right next door in Vegas! If you’re ever coming town, let me know, K?

      Here goes….

      Hiya sweetheart! How are you? I think that your friendship with Rainbow Dash is truly wonderful! You give one another so much. Children can be so wise, can’t they? I guarantee that she learns from you just as much as you learn from her.

      I know the world of PET scan all too well Pinky. And doctors, and surgeries, and radiation treatments, and the waiting! But those PET scans are the worst! You can’t move a muscle for an hour, at least! I am beyond thrilled to know that your scans have come back clean, and may they continue to, forever and ever. I’m so sorry for all that you’ve has to endure, but you have a great attitude, and a heart of gold. I can tell. You just keep on doing what you have been doing, okay? And know that you already have a special place in my heart. PLUS, you’re so much fun to post with!

      I am grateful that this board has brought us together, and I look forward to posting with you for many. many, years to come!

      Be well Pinky Pie!

      Your friend,

      Nancy 😉

      P.S. This response may come up twice, Pinky. When I looked for it, it was GONE! So I reposted just in case. 🙂

      I sure do hope that this one sticks! LOL!!!!


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      • Pinky Pie

        I’m grateful for you, too! Until I found this thread, i thought the world was buying into the Giudice P.R. It was odd to be attacked for having moral values and ethics. This board helped to out the B.S. Being put out there about Teresa being a good, innocent, mother. Congrats to all of you!

  • TheBeverlyHillsHaveEyes

    I know Wendy is a convicted felon too but the difference is she has served her time and has learned from that experience and is now living on the straight and narrow I hope. Isn’t that the point of what she does? That she helps people like her come out the other side and turn their lives around? And while some might see what she is doing now as unprofessional, I can sort of understand it in light of the service she provides – the whole point is working with people who want to rehabilitate and reconstruct their lives isn’t it? Teresa and Joe continue even now to brush this off and make excuses and their public image is getting worse day by day – her fans are dwindling with each new revelation and the continued lack of ownership – so if Wendy was responsible her PR and crisis management wouldn’t it look like she failed miserably at her job in light of how things are going when in reality they just wouldn’t take the advice or guidance? Maybe I’m wrong.

    • jane

      You are being very solicitous towards Wendy and that is kind of you and you are not wrong. But, as I also used the word “unprofessional” downthread with regard to her, in another comment about Wendy Feldman on a previous article, I also said that what she is doing is unethical, disloyal and breaching the trust and confidentiality of her former client. You are also completely accurate she failed miserably at her job. The statement she helped Teresa write to read to Judge Salas was so unbelievably poorly written,immature and elementary, I thought Milania wrote it. I also believe she gave Teresa very bad advice by advising her not to take the plea deal. In that particular instance, Teresa did do the right thing not listening to her “expert legal advisor/crisis manager because what Teresa said to Andy was right. If she was found guilty on just one of those charges, she could have been facing much longer time in jail.
      Feldman made no bones about how she felt about Teresa prior to taking her case. If she felt Teresa was such a lowlife and loser as she described in an interview she gave to UsWeekly, then the question would be why did she take Teresa on as a client after she trashed her to anyone who would listen? The answer, I believe, is she wanted the fame, exposure, and media attention. While she was “helping” Teresa, she also was tweeting constantly about her “famous” connections, name dropping, and boasting how she is the best in the business. Basking in the limelight, Wendy Feldman is just another run-of-the-mill famewhore trying to get a “piece of the pie” as she continues riding the notoriety of the Giudices and milking it for all she can.
      I give no pass to someone who steals from their own parents so she can drive a Mercedes-Benz and wear a Rolex. She can rehabilitate all she wants but that crosses a line with me. Betrayal of your kids (the Giudices) and betrayal of your parents (Feldman) are the worst things someone can do to their family in my book.

      • TheBeverlyHillsHaveEyes

        Jane I completely agree re betrayal of children and parents and I wouldn’t give anyone a “pass” but I do think in some cases once someone has accepted the consequences, served their time and has shown they are truly contrite then I think they deserve a second chance in life (I don’t feel the same when it comes to murderers, drug traffickers, sex offenders or abusers of children though!). As for Wendy I really don’t know enough about her to know why she took on the Giudices – in many businesses targeting a high profile client can be good for PR so perhaps it was that – she seems to see herself as “fixer” to the stars but in this case she seemed to bite off more than she could chew. She said they both wrote the statement read in court and from what I recall the first part was fairly jumbled and seemed to be Teresa ad-libbing, followed by the usual “I’ll take responsibility and put this right” which was probably Wendy. In terms of her being unethical I haven’t seen her divulge anything particularly sensitive or controversial and I’m sure there is much she could go in to. Having seen how Teresa went on national TV and implied her lawyers didn’t do their job right Wendy possibly felt damage limitation or her own business was necessary. TBH having watched Teresa in action over the years and how she likes to play the blame game I understand that. I do agree with you though on her advice re the plea – I don’t understand why Wendy would advise on that as she is not a lawyer, unless it was because she was only too aware that Teresa would mentally accept a prison sentence and felt she should hold out for a deal where she got probation. Or perhaps she knows more than the rest of us and felt Teresa should have saved herself and sacrificed Joe!

  • September24

    Maybe Wendy can go on to help Stephen Collins……

    • Trippinhhard

      There’s not help for that fool, he did all the talking..
      On another note Wendy shouldn’t be spilling any secrets, she was paid for her services.. or did she work for free, she knew she had a fool for a client and a very stubborn woman.. Teresa hurt her own self and until she sees what she did wrong, she will be pecking for help.. Bravo needs to stop rewarding her with $$$.

  • Jennymckitty

    I’m sure Teresa wasn’t the easiest person to work with. I imagine she disregarded a lot of advice given to her by her entire legal team. I think they all did their best and worked hard to get her this deal. However…I would be upset if the barista serving me coffee at Starbucks talked about me. I wouldn’t frequent a beautician that discussed clients behind their back. And I would expect someone who is assisting me with legal matters to act more professional than this. Do you think she wants to continue this career? Or is she trying for TV?

    • Karma

      Hi Jennymckitty

      Well said I wouldn’t go to any “Professional” that discuss their other clients. Not to mention she’s telling anyone and everyone who’d listen on a public arena

    • itsjustme

      While I certainly think Wendy is being very sleezing and totally unprofessional at speaking out to any and all that will listen about her time with Teresa. I am certain the reason Teresa wouldn’t listen to ANY advice given her is because she to this day refuses to admit any wrong doing. Why would she listen to any advice if in her pea brain she can’t see that she did anything wrong and was given a sentence that she wasn’t deserving of.
      Yes, Wendy is totally in the wrong, but not near as much as the Guidices.

  • guest_guest2204

    how is this an exclusive when she told this to US WEEKLY and tweeted?

    • All About The Tea

      Wendy gave the site a direct quote. It’s noted in pink.

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