EXCLUSIVE: Wendy Feldman Speaks to All About The Tea

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Wendy Feldman

Wendy Feldman, the ex-legal crisis manager of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” star, Teresa Giudice, has had enough of the confusion surrounding their recent professional split, and is choosing to speaking out. She has been giving interviews with various media outlets and is spilling the tea about the behind the scenes struggle with the reality mom, as well as her view on the current status of Teresa’s near future behind bars.

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Wendy categorizes herself as far more than a legal crisis manager. She also considers herself a coach, a fixer, a protector and an ultimate insider. She reminds us that she grew up in Hollywood, served time in federal prison, and was once a difficult client herself. She takes setting a strong example for her clients a must, and explains that the reason she is speaking out is because of her strong allegiance to her clients serving time in prison, as well as those who have come out and changed their lives. She is passionate about her job, because of the clients who have taken her advice to heart, and emerged from the personal darkness with a commitment to change.

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She begins her explanation of how things went down with Teresa by calling the circumstances an inherited mess. Feldman explains that she is in charge of overseeing all contracts, with the aid of lawyers, but in dealing with a television star, media management for a difficult client made the job challenging from the start. She describes Teresa as one prone to tantrums, and missteps, but acknowledges her as a good mother and the sole caregiver to her four daughters. She asserts that she has been committed to keeping Teresa and her children together, and resents public reports to the contrary. Wendy disagreed with the acceptance of the plea deal that carried a Federal Guideline of 21-27 months in prison, and goes on to tell of Teresa’s stubborn refusal to accept the possible outcome of what she had agreed to…a 15-month prison sentence.


Feldman reveals that the statement Teresa read in court on the day of her sentencing, was a collaboration between the two of them. However, when a sentence of probation was not handed down by Judge Salas, Teresa’s sense of entitlement took over, and a series of scams and schemes ensued that became the catalyst for the final split. She contends that a part of her job was to create a strategy that would lead to a reduced sentence, time in a camp, and a successful re-entry, and Teresa chose to jeopardize the plan. She also clarifies that the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) is the only party that has the power to hand down federal prison designations, and elaborates on the often confused subject, exclusively to All About the Tea:

“If you call the Bureau of Prisons (BOP), they will inform you that for ALL women, Danburry FCI is not accepting women with more than 6 month sentences. Maybe in January they might. That is the reason you do NOT ask to be placed. By default the BOP places you within 500 miles of your home and tries very hard, therefore if available, it would happen automatically.”
“If you make a big deal about placement, they [BOP] will show you who’s the BOSS. My experience is to allow the process to unfold naturally. Martha Stewart repeatedly asked for Danbury FCI (when they TOOK women) and she was placed at Alderson Federal Prison in West Virginia.”

In other words, Teresa, like anyone else, will surrender to U.S. Marshals and await her fate. I think that we can all will agree in hoping that when the harsh new normal hits, Teresa will seek personal change and growth, so that when she returns to her awaiting four daughters, a new and healthy reality can begin.


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