Fake Friends: Amber Marchese Nails Dina Manzo’s Allegiance to Teresa Giudice as PHONEY!

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It has been a bumpy ride for Amber Marchese as she sought to navigate her way through a particularly dull, but scandalous first season as a cast member of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.” She has a controversial, tell it like it is husband, she has received criticism for overplaying her experience with overcoming breast cancer, and has even lost a clump of hair or two.

She shares her thoughts on the finale in her Bravo blog, where she nails the twins, TereSSa and Nicole, and Dina for being manipulative and hypocritical. Amber reveals that she knew that the twins had not confronted Teresa Giudice about their accusation that she was responsible for spreading the Gotti/Rino/Santa Mom rumor, as well as her probable role in causing world hunger. She knew that there would be a nasal, bleating showdown, and wisely opted to leave her kids at home.

“I am not quite sure why the twins make it a point to confront others in front of large crowds. As Teresa said, they had two weeks to call her and speak to her about what Victoria Gotti had said to us. If they had an issue or wanted an apology, so be it, but what ever happened to being a civilized human being and picking up the phone to call? I spoke with Teresa and I knew the twins never called her. So I knew exactly what was brewing, so did Dina.”


Clearly, these twins had never heard themselves on television, or they might have opted for the phone! Amber also calls foul on Dina’s supposed devotion to Teresa, by allowing the twins to confront Teresa in such an obviously premeditated way, while at her supposedly fiercely protected charity event.

“Dina was brazen enough to kick Jim and me out of the Florida home for less of an offense, why wasn’t Dina kicking the twins out because they were making a scene at her own charity function for children?! Can we say double standard? Where were her “heads rolling” that she claimed would happen if someone started anything at a Ladybug event? Dina claims to be Teresa’s friend of 25 years, but does not back up her friend at all.”

Dina keeps unknowingly revealing herself as the zen poser she is…I personally can’t wait to see the full visual at the reunion, when she is displayed in her full glory in that Cruella Deville getup.  I don’t think she is aware of how perfectly she is representing herself.  I think Amber is one Housewife who already gets it.


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