Teresa Giudice Request Prison Camp in Connecticut & To Serve Time In Halfway House

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Teresa Giudice

As we reported yesterday, Crisis PR Manager, Wendy Feldman has fired Teresa Giudice as a client.

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The primary reason for the split is that Teresa has  submitted a letter to the judge requesting that she serve her sentence at Danbury Federal Prison in Connecticut, to allow visitation with her children. Teresa’s new attorney, Stacy Ann Biancamano wrote the request without Feldman’s knowledge or permission, and that was NOT acceptable to Feldman, who has been with Teresa over the course of her lengthy legal battles.

In the letter Biancamano states:

“During Ms. Giudice’s sentencing, the Court expressed its intent to have Ms. Giudice serve her sentence in a camp environment. The sentencing transcripts reflect that Your Honor mentioned ‘Danbury and West Virginia.’ We acknowledge that at the time of sentencing, defense counsel did not ask for a specific designation.”


“However, upon review of the judgment of conviction, and in discussions with a Bureau of Prisons expert, the language of the judgment as written will likely result in Ms. Giudice being designated to Metropolitan Detention Facility Brooklyn, or Metropolitan Correctional Facility Manhattan… both of which are administrative facilities that house females. This was clearly not the intention of the court when inquiring as to Danbury or West Virginia as a designation.”


“Ms. Giudice’s offense and her Bureau of Prison classification will qualify her to be designated to a camp, however, the language of the judgment must reflect the same. At this time we respectfully request the Court to amend Ms. Giduice’s JOC to state ‘the Court strongly recommends a non-administrative facility placement, specifically, the FCI Danbury Satellite Camp to facilitate visitation with her young children; or if Danbury is full, we would ask for an alternative camp, specifically Alderson in West Virginia, for Ms. Giudice to serve her sentence.”

In addition to this, Teresa Giudice is requesting the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) allow her to serve 80% of her sentence in a halfway house. TMZ reports they’ve obtained a letter prosecutors sent to the judge, STRONGLY objecting. The letter claims the judge demanded prison time. 

In the letter Teresa sent to the judge, she asserts her right to the “Second Chance Act,” which would allow her to serve 12 out of the 15 months in a halfway house.

Unfortunately for Teresa, her efforts have been thwarted by prosecutors who countered that the law doesn’t apply to convicted felons. 


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