Kai Patterson Vacates The Gorgas Montville Mansion

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Every long road has an end and the tenant from hell saga seems to finally be coming to an end for the Gorgas.

Real Housewives of New Jersey” stars, Joe and Melissa Gorga’s tenant eviction case has finally broken new ground. After a long arduous court battle, Patterson has conceded and moved out of the couples Montville mansion.

“It’s done. I moved out,” Kai Patterson told RadarOnline. “It’s a relief.”

The RHONJ stars, claim they rented Kai Patterson their Montville, NJ home for $20,ooo a month in a rent-to-buy arrangement for the $3.8 million purchase price. According to the Gorgas, Kai Patterson defaulted on the agreement when he failed to pay his rent. According to court docs, Patterson’s rent check bounced in April, then he failed to pay rent in May and June.

Patterson has said his dispute with the Bravo channel stars arose because they failed to make promised repairs on the mansion after he paid $25,000 for repairs in lieu of a security deposit. Patterson has cited numerous problems with the house, including plumbing and heating issues, a leaking ceiling and beavers living in crawl spaces.

The Gorga’s attorney responded to Patterson’s claims by calling it a smokescreen for the court to elude his personal obligations.

According to Patterson, he vacated the premises on September 26th which he occupied for eight months.

Patterson made the following statement:

“The purchase agreement was terminated and we worked it out,” he said. He [Joe] defaulted on conditions related to the lease and purchase agreement. He wasn’t ever going to write me a check so the only way I could recoup my deposit was to get it back in rent.” “I didn’t want to purchase [the Gorgas’ house] anymore,” he said. “I don’t need to bash him [Joe]. It’s a closed chapter of my life.”


The Gorgas have maintained their desire to move back into their Montville mansion once Patterson vacates. Stay tuned.


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