Jacqueline Laurita Confirms Return To RHONJ To Out Beef with Dina Manzo

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The sixth season of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” is barely behind us, and we are already getting some juicy bits of information on Season 7.  One of the more confusing aspects of this season has been what exactly Jacqueline Laurita’s role on the show was meant to be.

Laurita was brought back on the franchise with Bravo’s hope that her return would lift the sagging ratings, however she only filmed with a small handful of the ensemble. There were solid claims made from within the cast that implicated her sister in law, Dina Manzo, of working hard behind the scenes to alienate Jacqueline from most of the group.  It appeared likely that Dina’s efforts were at least moderately effective, and that has raised many viewer questions, wanting to know what in the world is Dina’s problem with Jacqueline? Surely, this whole cryptic family hatred vibe won’t be allowed to continue through season seven, right?…or will it? Laurita confirmed her return and provided the answer while answering a viewer tweet, asking just that question.

Jac return for season 7 tweet

If the feud does indeed stem from the infamous, blast from the past, Teresa table flip incident, this animosity has been going on for years.  It would seem obviously necessary to seek an active resolution in order for these two to coexist on this show.  In an earlier interview with Bravotv.com, Jacqueline shared her thoughts on the family rift.

“Currently there is no relationship between us, but only because she chooses not to have one. It’s frustrating because I feel like it’s all petty, nonsense stuff, that all just seems silly and unimportant to me. I have other, more important things to focus on, although, I’m always open to reconciliation with people that are willing and sincere. My husband is probably the most hurt by Dina. Maybe one day we can heal as a family like the Gorgas and Giudices did. Miracles have happened on #RHONJ. All it takes is for both parties to want it at the same time and be sincere about wanting it.”

The plot thickens with the recent All About the Tea uncovering of a vile tweet posted last March by Manzo, cryptically wishing potential death by poisoning, via Botox, on ‘someone’.  The date of the tweet indicated that she was targeting Jacqueline, and while spinned by Manzo as mistaken timing, Laurita confirmed the pinpointed time frame, therefore nailing Dina and her malicious intent to the wall.  It looks like there is much to settle here…and the ZEN mindset is nowhere to be had.


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