Exposed: Meet Bobby Ciasulli The Millionaire

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bobby ciasulli

When Nicole Napolitano nailed a cast spot on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” there was someone who was far more excited than she was…and that is the self portrayed humble car salesman, and volunteer firefighter, Bobby Ciasulli. While the Bravo storyline tells the tale of a middle class guy next door, part-time heroic civil servant, and cuddly bear TV boyfriend, a peek inside his real world reveals a dramatically different person.

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Bobby Ciasulli’s family are third generation car dealership owners, and Bobby has been part of the family business since he was a teenager. Ciasulli Auto Group is made up of ten different stores, all located in New Jersey. The family dealership boasted sales in excess of $360 million and probably closer to $500 million in previous years. Bobby manages part of this lucrative business, and is a wealthy, not a lowly salesman struggling for commissions. Check out one of many commercials Bobby is featured in for the Ciasulli Auto Group.


In 2003, Bobby bought a 9000 sq ft country estate on two acres, in a prestigious neighborhood close to the Trump National Golf Club. He then embarked on a ten month luxury renovation of the estate, which included a custom designed and detailed garage, perfect for housing his white Maserati GranTurismo Coupe. He also considers himself an avid art collector.

ciasulli_kitchen (1)

So what in the world is he doing on the arguably most destitute, and criminal ridden Housewives franchise? The answer lies in living color on his Facebook page. Allegedly, Bobby Ciasulli is a devoted “Housewives” groupie, whose motive appears to be achieving television FAME and fan attention. That would explain the “HEY LOOK AT ME, I’M A HERO,” firefighter selfie that he posted recently while on the site of a burning car accident.   

Bobby Casiulli

Bobby Casiulli

There are also several photos of Bobby giddily posing with various “Housewives” at different promotional events and celebrity events.

Bobby’s family is allegedly unhappy that he has made this downward career choice, all for some cheap air time on a trashy reality show.  It is also widely believed that he initiated his relationship with Nicole just to score a spot as a Housewife boyfriend.  That would explain his lack of interest in committing to her, as well as their awkward and seemingly contrived on camera chemistry.  The recently aired vacation in Florida, where he spent a good portion of his time cowering in a bathroom, seemed to reveal his true unchallenged, cowardly nature, and gave the viewers a glimpse of the real Bobby.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey” is plugged as a reality show, however the REAL Bobby Ciasulli is nowhere to be seen.  He must be buzzing around in his Maserati somewhere.


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