Teresa Giudice Tapes Videos For Her Daughters to Watch While She’s In The Pokey

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Teresa Giudice’s time with her four daughters is ticking away, and the star of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” is reportedly getting creative in preparation for their months apart. Teresa was sentenced on October 2nd to 15 months in federal prison, on multiple counts of fraud.  Her husband, Joe Giudice will be serving his 3.5 year sentence after Teresa, to allow him to continue parenting Gia, 13, Gabriella, 10, Milania, 8, and Audriana, 5, but it has been apparent that Teresa doesn’t feel secure in his ability to do the job.  The post sentencing interview on “Watch What Happens Live” revealed Teresa’s obvious anxiety about trusting the care of the girls with Joe.  She indicated that he was not a hands on father, and they both admitted to Joe having an alcohol dependency problem.  She has also been seen repeatedly and anxiously reiterating to Joe that her only desire is that he take care of their daughters. I believe that the fear of leaving her girls is overshadowing even the horror of a prison cell.  

A source tells Us Weekly that Teresa is spending her late nights utilizing her ease behind a camera by making videos for her daughters, in hopes of easing the pain of the separation. 

“She wants to make tapes for them. There will be one for birthdays, one for holidays, and a video with words of encouragement for when they’re sad.” 

Teresa, who is reportedly deeply depressed, is hoping to finish the video project by Thanksgiving.

The source also notes that Joe is not only drinking up to four bottles of wine a night, but is also binge eating.  This raises the concern of Joe’s general health, and Teresa is reportedly “worried he’s going to have a heart attack, like his dad.”

This brings us to the most obvious and glaring question…how does Judge Salas feel comfortable leaving the Giudice girls in such a precarious position?  It gets much more complicated from here, as All About the Tea’s legal expert Stacy Slotnick explains,

“Proceedings regarding fitness of a parent are separate and apart from his state and fed cases. There would have to be another hearing as to whether he is fit to care for those children. We can all agree finishing off several “bottles” of wine a night is something to be looked into by CPC.”

I believe that Teresa should take a camera break, and seek to hire and integrate a really unattractive, but motherly nanny as quickly as possible.  How does she expect Joe to get sober and step up to superdad status when he’s stressed and freaked about his own future in prison?  It is completely unrealistic to think that he can rise to the occasion in a crisis, when it has been against his character to do so thus far.  The Giudice girls deserve better than a tanked father as a sole caregiver…and no amount of video footage is going to fill that parental gap. 


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