Teresa Giudice Tapes Videos For Her Daughters to Watch While She’s In The Pokey

Posted on Oct 18 2014 - 3:21pm by BeachSpin

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Teresa Giudice’s time with her four daughters is ticking away, and the star of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” is reportedly getting creative in preparation for their months apart. Teresa was sentenced on October 2nd to 15 months in federal prison, on multiple counts of fraud.  Her husband, Joe Giudice will be serving his 3.5 year sentence after Teresa, to allow him to continue parenting Gia, 13, Gabriella, 10, Milania, 8, and Audriana, 5, but it has been apparent that Teresa doesn’t feel secure in his ability to do the job.  The post sentencing interview on “Watch What Happens Live” revealed Teresa’s obvious anxiety about trusting the care of the girls with Joe.  She indicated that he was not a hands on father, and they both admitted to Joe having an alcohol dependency problem.  She has also been seen repeatedly and anxiously reiterating to Joe that her only desire is that he take care of their daughters. I believe that the fear of leaving her girls is overshadowing even the horror of a prison cell.  

A source tells Us Weekly that Teresa is spending her late nights utilizing her ease behind a camera by making videos for her daughters, in hopes of easing the pain of the separation. 

“She wants to make tapes for them. There will be one for birthdays, one for holidays, and a video with words of encouragement for when they’re sad.” 

Teresa, who is reportedly deeply depressed, is hoping to finish the video project by Thanksgiving.

The source also notes that Joe is not only drinking up to four bottles of wine a night, but is also binge eating.  This raises the concern of Joe’s general health, and Teresa is reportedly “worried he’s going to have a heart attack, like his dad.”

This brings us to the most obvious and glaring question…how does Judge Salas feel comfortable leaving the Giudice girls in such a precarious position?  It gets much more complicated from here, as All About the Tea’s legal expert Stacy Slotnick explains,

“Proceedings regarding fitness of a parent are separate and apart from his state and fed cases. There would have to be another hearing as to whether he is fit to care for those children. We can all agree finishing off several “bottles” of wine a night is something to be looked into by CPC.”

I believe that Teresa should take a camera break, and seek to hire and integrate a really unattractive, but motherly nanny as quickly as possible.  How does she expect Joe to get sober and step up to superdad status when he’s stressed and freaked about his own future in prison?  It is completely unrealistic to think that he can rise to the occasion in a crisis, when it has been against his character to do so thus far.  The Giudice girls deserve better than a tanked father as a sole caregiver…and no amount of video footage is going to fill that parental gap. 


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  • Marsbars09

    It just really galls me how Tre is concerned about the welfare of her girls when she placed her own freedom in jeopardy.
    Tre must really think the girls are in trouble under the care of Joe. He is a boozer, a brawler, and a complete moron. No way is he going to raise those girls. Hell, I’m concerned about the girls’ well-being.

    • Hey Marsie. I think she’s petrafried of leaving the girls with Joe. She’s knows he no good and low down DIRTY!

      • DoneWithBravo

        And so is she, for putting them in this precarious position! She’s going to PRISON for knowingly committing these fraudulent acts over a period of 10+ years. As far as hiring a competent Nanny to care for 4 girls, good luck! In NJ, it’s pretty expensive (I was a Nanny there for a few years and was getting close to $20/hr for ONE child, but then again, I was experienced and educated. Maybe they’re not looking for such qualifications).

    • jolly1one

      Then you know what his Mother needs a home she can come and take care of all of them. Im tired of this cry for sympathy of poor me from Tree she caused it.

      • Hi Jolly. Exactly. I’m tired of Bravo trying to force this Teresa Giudice ploy for sympathy down our throats.

  • italiano bambino

    That woman craves the cameras you know she wishes bravo cameras where taping this… eye roll

    • Hey Bam! I bet the Forehead wished the cameras could film her in prison.

      • italiano bambino

        Im waiting for the book

        “THE DIRTY LITTLE Secrets of a hairy forehead”

        • Heeee Hilarious! !

  • Birdie11

    I hope Teresa is winging it and not reading cue cards, and hopefully she isn’t drinking away her pain and slurring through her maternal dialogue.

  • disqus_jpuxh67QSR

    I watched season five today and it’s astounding how much jewelry Teresa wears. Gia has quite the collection also. Teresa has diamond bracelets galore and necklaces. A close up shot of her engagement ring shows she upgraded to a bigger center stone. I don’t think every single piece is costume. Teresa spent most of the season bashing Melissa in front of her kids and laughing when they said snarky things about her and Joe. That’s too bad the kids were influenced, they are going to need all of the help they can get.

  • jane

    With great respect to Stacy Slotnick, as I believe she really does know her craft, I will say that it takes alot more than a parent saying on a tv program they drink several bottles of wine a night for the CPC (it is the Child Protection and Permanency Agency within the Department of Children and Families in NJ) to get involved. (The home environments of all the nutcases and the children involved who have appeared on Jerry Springer comes to mind!)
    A family member of mine worked for NJ Social Services directly with children-at-risk. They have an overload of cases alot worse than this with extreme neglect, abuse, and abandonment. This is nothing compared to the horrors my family member has seen kids going through.
    It is difficult to initiate any investigation without substantial and valid cause and it is very difficult to prove a child is in harm’s way to the extent they are removed from the home or a parents’ parental rights and/or custody/guardianship comes into question. While there are laws for childrens’ rights, there are just as many laws in place protecting parental rights as well.
    Actually, while I believe Joe Giudice is indeed an alcoholic and in great need of serious help, I also believe that those statements that he and Teresa made on WWHL as well as his attorney alluding to his drinking problems in court was a set up to get him into counseling/rehab while in prison and/or to go lightly on the sentencing.
    If anything, counseling/rehab before he goes into prison could be ordered but under different reasoning although the children could be brought up as a motivation to seek help (which I believe would be more prudent than waiting until he goes into prison). It probably would have little to do with the children’s safety, especially if it cannot be proven through witnesses and lengthy documentation that Joe’s drinking has “directly” harmed or put the children in danger. The judge who managed Joe’s DUI case years before would have had a much better chance of ordering an investigation than Judge Salas and even that would have been very difficult to pursue afterwards because his children were not involved.
    I would agree there is a definite cause for concern but I do not believe there would be any legal grounds to support such an investigation into the Giudice home strictly based on the children’s welfare. There is no documented history to justify it. Being drunk, falling, and breaking his tooth in front of his kids is not sufficient. It just shows him being drunk, breaking his tooth, and being an idiot in front of his kids.
    In any event, I think he will get his mom, his mother and father-in-law, and his family to all pitch in to help for the time Teresa is behind bars. They can’t afford a nanny!!!!!!

    • WestCoastFeed

      Yes, I agree. This was mostly just a way to get him into that prison rehab program and shorten his sentence. It’s exactly what Apollo Nida’s attorney managed for his client.

      • Birdie11

        That was pretty obvious sure…but it is equally obvious that he’s a drunk.

      • Right but like Birdie said, it’s obvious Joe has a drinking problem. His lawyers are just hyping it up for rehab as opposed to general population.

        • Karma

          Hi Dr I’m back I thought the courts denied Joe’s appeal for rehab like the one Apollo has did I get thst wrong

    • disqus_jpuxh67QSR

      Joe’s criminal history should be considered here. He was sued for fraud, he and Teresa in season 2. Joe has a long history of fraud and driving convictions. I hope it dosnt take a drunk driving accident or probation violation to upend their arrangements for the girls to be put in harms way.

      • jane

        Unfortunately, his criminal history (for the most part white-collar) has little bearing on his parental rights. There are many criminals in and out of prison who have committed heinous crimes like murder and armed robbery who retain custody of their kids. I agree with you that it is hoped a tragedy does not occur.

    • BeachSpin

      It’s quite obvious that they can’t afford a nanny…and hopefully Joe’s mom will move in and be the presence and caregiver that these girls need. However if that proves impossible, the extended family or whoever needs to scrape the cash together to pay someone for a year. It would be money very well spent and a possible crucial investment in the lives of these young girls.

      • jane

        Hey BeachSpin when I said they couldn’t afford a nanny, I meant it tongue in cheek and I completely agree with what you say here! You have laid out a very smart and credible plan and as you say, it would be a crucial investment. 🙂

  • chacha1

    Looks like Gia has implants also

    • Birdie11

      LOL! I think that’s industrial padding.

      • MorningYawn

        I think its a push up bikini top. Soooo inappropriate!

        • chacha1

          her mother is a skeeze and her father a sleeze, so what do you expect right ???

  • nan/4

    Is this supposed to make us feel sorry for her? If it is, it’s not workin’ for me. Tape away Teresa! Geesh…..

  • WestCoastFeed

    I want to correct something from the old thread. Dina and Lexi did attend the Laurita family wedding today.

    • Karma

      Who got married was it lapband Lauren?

  • TartLemon

    Juicy Joe is a drunk because he CHOOSES to be a drunk. IMO, the request for rehab is his ploy for sympathy and a ploy to hand off the responsibility for caring for his children while his wife is in prison. Neither Joe nor Teresa have ever had intention of meeting their contractual obligations, so why should the duty of raising children be any different?

    It’s been stated many times what a great Mother Teresa is blah-blah-blah. So why is she continually subjecting them the the brutality of social media? It’s simply for the $$$. The $$$ matter much much more than the long term welfare of the children.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, I honestly believe Teresa has a Mother’s love for those girls, but the immediate concern is the $$$ for herself. She doesn’t even know it, either.

    • September24

      Juicy will rehab for credit toward time served just like Apollo.

  • MorningYawn

    Why is Gia wearing a push up bikini top?

  • She Stinks!

    Wasn’t this idea from some lifetime movie? But the mother was dying of cancer and she did this? Tre can’t think of anything original, so pretty sure she stole this idea.

    • Karma

      God forbid if I were in Teresa’ position I’d do the same thing I don’t see anything wrong with it but that’s just my opinion

    • RonnieIsBack

      Yassss I remember.

  • Karma

    Joe says that he drinks when the girls are sleeping up to 3 bottles a night what concerns me is one of the girls gets sick during the night he’ll be too tanked to help or even realize not to mention he has no drivers licence that’s what scares me thank god Gia is old & smart enough to call 911 but it’s very unfair for a 13yr to take on such a responsibility.

    I have no doubt Joe has a drinking problem I truly hope he gets help at least for the sake of his girls. I know 1st hand as probably most of you know having any sort of addiction effects not only the addiction it effects the whole family inc brothers sisters parents nieces & nephews this is a life long disease. I’m certainty not making any excuses for Joe but I truly feel bad for anyone with an addiction I also realize that most have done this to themselves but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get help & a 2nd chance I also know it takes more than one rehab stint the relapse statics is very high my advise is keeo in trting even if it takes more than 5 or 6 times in rehab but he ir however has an addiction owes that to their family & themselves.

    I’ve seen families destroyed by death of a loved one like ir hate joe he still is a father & his girls love him

  • RonnieIsBack

    OMG they are truly NUTZ. And Juicy must piss vino all the time as much as he drinks…CotDayum!
    Tre and her videos..well I hope she isn’t wearing that frightful makeup she did on the finale sheeze.
    Bish needs to get her affairs in order: portable haircurlers, weave, tanning spray, hooked on phonics books, lashes, Lee Press On Nails, and leopard yarn for projects and chit.