Lola B. Shadee: Reality TV Weekly Wrap-Up

Posted on Oct 17 2014 - 2:25pm by Editor

Lola B Shadee

Serving Tea…Serving all the Reality Gossip, News and Recaps from the week before every Friday. Keeping it real in a lip injected pink puppet way.

Mrs. Parkkkkkssss. *Clutches my pearls* well I think we know what the big story was of this week. Mrs. Phaedra Parks showing up on the Ellen show. All painted like a southern picture to explain. She has been just busy raising her children. *Gasp* You have to be kidding me…Apollo is a crook. Well I never. *Sarcasm* Yea. I talk about this. Also about my shows for the week, and my plastic eye rolling that came from them. ughhhhhhh lol.

All opinions in this video are mine…and mine alone. I know…I know. lol.



  • RHONJ S6 EP 13
  • Love & Hip Hop Hollywood S1 Ep 5
  • Bad Girl’s Club Redemption S1 Ep 2
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  • Birdie11

    TOO GOOD Lola…and I agree with your hatred of the entire cast of RHONJ. They’re the worst.

    • Just want to be at the reunion to do a reality shake of them get some sense knocked into them. I don’t think that will work with the twins tho. The silicon content is way too high on them for sense lol.

  • Heeee HILARIOUS!!! Spot on Lola!

    • haha so you agree about Apollo’s lack of reading skills lols haha <3 ya

  • RealitytvJunkie

    This is awesomely funny. Thanks Lola, I hope you get your butt implants soon.

    • haha Thank you so much. I’m pushing for Xmas..this is when miracles happen. Fingers crossed lol 😀 <3

    • Birdie11

      AND a recording contract!!

      • That contract in is in bag once I get my demo out. I just need to do one of those video things at the mall like back in the 90’s and i’m set. lol

        • Birdie11

          You should try Ariana Grande hair like Amber.

  • Jennymckitty

    Lola, my son is obsessed with trying to watch you. He heard about three seconds of the first one. He never pays any attention to what i am doing on my IPad. thought that if I was in the master bath with the door shut and the bedroom door shut and he and his dad were watching TV in another area of the house, I’d be safe. It only took about one minute to hear him outside the bedroom asking if I was watching you. Guess this will have to wait until Monday. I’m half afraid he will run home from school when I start to watch.

    • SMH. I don’t know why he wants to watch me. Most people tell me my voice is annoying high and squeeky. Tell him thank you for liking me..but i’m a very very bad puppet..that I’m not a good influence lol. <3

      • Jennymckitty

        He has seen possibly three seconds…just enough to hear the beeps. He thinks beeped out words are the highest form of humor..even better than potty humor or fart jokes.