Teresa Giudice’s Crisis PR Manager Is Writing “A Tell-All Book”?

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Oh that Teresa Giudice…it has been a scant two weeks since she was sentenced to federal prison for numerous counts of fraud, and it’s no surprise that the money making wheels are already cranking in high gear.  The Real Housewives of New Jersey star is determined to bring ‘home’ the bacon, and no pesky prison stint will get in her way! 

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Life & Style Magazine is reporting that she is planning to turn lemons into lemonade by cashing in on….wait for it…a tell all book! Postpone the eye rolling folks…because it gets even better. The main thrust of the book is to share Teresa’s prison secrets, and it is all with the guidance and expertise of Teresa’s crisis public relations manager, and bosom lockup sister, Wendy Feldman. Feldman spent time in federal prison for a financial crime, and she is now the apparent go to gal for the ‘how tos’ of flourishing while up the river.

“I’ve spoken about my prison experience, and people are intrigued. Teresa and I have remained close because of that connection. I have shared my prison secrets and tricks with Teresa since day one.”

As All About The Tea reported back in March, Feldman was singing a very different tune prior to taking on the reality star as a client.

“This is the thing and this is why I wouldn’t work with her [Teresa]…she [Teresa] would be a disaster client..Because if it was my client…I would say… no show…no more interviews…no more selling things [stories] to the press…SHUT UP!”

Feldman also asserted at the time that she believed that Teresa would have benefited from a psychological evaluation, because her thinking appeared skewed. Can I hear a collective AMEN??

I guess we can assume that the tell all book is Plan B?  Branding expert David Johnson believes that if Teresa plays it right, she could be quite marketable and could earn up to $3 million from her time in prison. Could this be where the $150k contract advance came from to pay the Giudice restitution bill?

I know that all of your imaginations are running wild as to what kind of handy dandy slammer advice Wendy and Teresa have up their sleeves to share with the outside world.  Maybe things like…Kool Aid makes a great hair dye in a pinch, being that purple IS the new jet black. I think that the first tip would to be shell out some bucks to some non violent inmate who can write and articulate well…after all, money talks in the Big House. What are your favorite prison made painless ideas?  Share them in the comments below!


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