UPDATE: Joe Giudice Accepts Plea Deal In DMV Identity Fraud Case

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Convicted felon and househusband of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” Joe Giudice’s DMV Identity Fraud trial is on again. 

Joe Giudice appeared in Superior Court of Paterson today (October 15, 2014) for another status hearing in his DMV false identification case. 

The court alleges, Giuseppe “Joe” Giudice presented false identification to obtain a driver’s license while his license was suspended because of a drunk driving conviction.

In the state case, Giuseppe “Joe” Giudice is charged with presenting false identification to obtain a driver’s license. He boldly walked into a DMV office, presented false identification of Pete Giudice (his brother) to fraudulently obtain a driver’s license while his own license was suspended because of a drunk driving conviction.

Giudice arrived alone and hurried into the court while barking at reporters:

“If you don’t get out of my face, I’m gonna kick every one of youse in the head.” 

In court today, he was offered a sweetheart plea deal which included 18 months for a guilty plea to a lesser charge and fraudulently using someone’s elses ID. Which would have yielded an 18-month sentence as opposed to the 10-years he’s facing if he goes to trial. And under the deal he would have served the time concurrently with his 3.5 year federal prison sentence which essentially means he would not have served any additional time in prison. 

The judge was stunned that Joe would turn down such a sweetheart deal, he sternly warned Giudice:

“You’re making a momentous decision, there’s no going back after this.”

At that point, Joe requested he discuss the deal further with his attorney, Miles Feinstein. Court will resume at 2:30 p.m.  Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Joe Giudice has accepted the 18-month plea deal offered to him earlier today. He will start his 18-month sentence in 2016 after his wife, Teresa Giudice is released from prison after serving her 15-month prison sentence. Joe’s prison term will be served concurrently, which essential means, he will not serve any additional time to his 3.5 year federal prison sentence.

While leaving court yesterday, Joe Giudice threatened to kick cameraman in the head, if they didn’t get out of his way, and it looks like one of them got a too close to Joe.

WATCH: Joe Giudice blows up at court, flipping out on camera man


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