Tamra Judge Wins Custody Case Against Simon Barney

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Tamra Barney

The bitter custody battle between “The Real Housewives of Orange County” star, Tamra Judge and former husband, Simon Barney has finally seen some resolution.

Tamra was married to Simon Barney for 11 years and they have three children together, ranging in age from 7-13 years old.

The couple’s divorce was finalized in October 2011. Simon accused Tamra of child neglect and filed for full custody of their three children. The court documents revealed shocking allegations. Simon accused Tamra of not cooking for the kids, unsanitary care of the children, not providing medical attention when needed. One of the kids suffered a broken bone in the care of Tamra and she never took the child to the doctor. The list goes on and on!

Simon requested “sole physical custody” of their kids, Sidney, 15, Spencer, 14, and Sophia, 8.

Last week, the judge ruled in Tamra’s favor regarding the custody of Spencer and Sophia. The court dismissed Simon’s neglect claims due to lack of evidence. The status for Sidney was not decided, with another hearing set for December.

Tamra spoke to Star Magazine after the ruling:

“I’m extremely happy!” Tamra told Star after the hearing. “I’m so happy this nightmare is over for my children’s sake. What Simon did to tarnish my image was so damaging to the children. To make up horrible stories about the mother of his children is horrible. I’ve never been anything but a wonderful, hands-on mother to our children. Shame on him for putting everyone through such an emotionally draining experience. I hope that this will stop his constant harassing and make him move on with his life.”

She expressed her joy over the judge’s decision on Twitter, “Thank you to everyone that supported me and knew All his allegations were false. The truth always comes out. I’m so happy! Thank you Jesus.”


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